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At nineteen, Evi Michelle Maalcke was diagnosed with breast cancer. Like many, she was at the crossroads of choosing mainstream medical treatment or an alternative approach. She chose the latter, began a radical vegan and ketogenic diet, and started EMDR and EFT therapy to heal her traumas. In a few weeks, the tumor "melted" by more than 80% and she is now completely cured....

The phase where the darkest sides of humanity come to light ♥ Juno Burger ♥ Lightraisers Worldwide
What do you trust in a time of increasing polarization, fake news and censorship? This is a phase in which the darkest sides of humanity are coming to light. Institutionalized racism, pedophile networks, and systematic privacy and constitutional violations are just a few examples of the shadows that can no longer remain invisible.

Lightraisers Worldwide
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