Open your mind to the inverted Matrix ♥ Maxim Lazet ♥ Lightworkers Worldwide
There is nothing to stop Divine Truth from revealing itself ever more strongly and visibly, exposing the remnants of the inverted Matrix. By the inverted Matrix is meant a holographic reality construction that hides Divine, Multidimensional Truth, that turns truth upside down, so that nothing is what it seems. This inverted Matrix has a power structure in which only the top holds the truth of this "illusion generator."

The red pill and the fourth dimension ♥ Maxim Lazet ♥ Lightraisers Worldwide
The appearance of the Matrix movie has not been a random creation. It has been a carefully orchestrated project of the Spiritual World to introduce new concepts into the collective, human consciousness. Our minds were allowed to get used to and open up to the idea, via a fictional story, that there are larger realities than those we perceive, and that there are forces at play that hold the Earth and humanity in a small, defined illusion reality....

Lightraisers Worldwide
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