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In the many of what is currently wanting to come into your consciousness, there will be unprocessed pieces emerging from your family lines that want out of your energetic field.


These 3D events weigh you down, and what weighs you down holds back ascension. This can be present in you unconsciously for a very long time, until a signal comes from your family (this can also come from deceased people) that touches you somewhere or makes you think.


The theme that lies hidden in the deepest depths is fear of death. This can be transformed into fear of life during several lives. But if you go back far enough, you will arrive at the moment when you first experienced that your deep trust in the flow of life suddenly began to waver.


Fear and mortality


The signal that wakes you up for this comes from the family, but it can come in many different forms. So it does not have to present itself as fear, but it will stick to you in such a way that you 'have to' deal with it. There is, in fact, a great, collective clearing going on on the theme of fear of death.


 This fear is linked to our mortality.


Mortality is not our true nature, so anything that points to mortality and 'death' in itself sends a signal to this fear. The beautiful thing is that it can bring us back to the deep memory of how we once came to earth: as immortal beings of light, one with our Divine Self and with each other, connected in an eternal and unbounded field of loving creation potential.


However, both love and creation potential have become bounded and splintered within duality. Entering duality also marked the beginning of karma creation; what you transmit comes back to you. Within duality, a person will want to experience all possible poles and extremes.


. What comes back as a consequence after a "dual" act does not come as a punishment, but as an opportunity to learn and come to an understanding about how to harness the divine powers and the sacred field of unlimited possibilities


In this field of karma, many issues within family lines have been left unresolved. And what do Lightworkers and old souls do? They clean up, bring light into the darkness, until their own field is free of old ballast, until they have nothing more to learn within 3D.


Energy leakage makes willpowerless


 Death anxiety is such a grand theme, it's not surprising that we are a little reluctant to open the door to that to see what old experiences want our attention.


But the survival patterns that our family has created from this fear will continue to have a hold on us until we see where the energy leak is. That is the "hole" where both the life energy and the courage to make choices from your own free will disappear.


Free will has often been abused from ignorance, in the sense that it has been used against divine laws, i.e., from personal interest. But Father and Mother God do not punish, they themselves have given us permission to walk our own paths within duality, to be able to come to a mature consciousness. 


We ourselves have projected punishment, penance, guilt and shame onto our own actions and those of others.


 These projections mean that there are often centuries-old secrets within families that were especially not allowed to come to light. Thus, a great deal was covered up.


Out of untruth


But: without Truth, no further growth is possible, from where we are now collectively. And the most conscious people in the family will be sucked towards these secrets and untruths like a moth towards a flame. 


 EVERYTHING wants to come to light, everything wants to be freed from judgment, guilt and shame. For these are grids that keep us collectively trapped in duality, from which most of us are now so carefully freeing ourselves!


Look back, examine what from the family still has a grip on you and can pull you out of unconditional love. Fear of death can only be seen through and transformed with insight and unconditional love. Thank everyone for the roles they have fulfilled, the mission they have accomplished for that life (actually the heavier the role, the more love power can be released from it!) and what they have given you through it.


Take the good, the truth that lay behind the drama, into your new future. Be aware that this also belongs to your life task and to your talents to clear these fields.


Collective Liberation


Collectively, we are now being urged to address our fear of death. From the Christ Consciousness Grid we work hand in hand, supporting each other and whispering encouragement to each other to get everything out from under the rug. And of course we know in advance that there will probably be a lot of reactions from ignorance and duality coming to us.


 That is another exercise for us: to leave it with the persons who try to project all this onto us for as long as they themselves do not yet carry enough inner strength and light to go through it.


You are the one who carries the consciousness and love to open doors again where they have sometimes been closed for centuries.


Throw them open, let the heavenly winds blow through them! Be that hero, invite the Light World to join you as a pioneer in removing from this beautiful Earth what is not based on true Love. It will free you, and lead you back to the trust that is yours, what you wore when you first incarnated once to start shining your light under the veils.


Mieke Vulink




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