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With every contact we make, energetic connections are created. Cords we often call them.


 Cords or energetic connections are created because we make or feel connections with something or someone. These connections can be recent, from this life, but also from previous lives and are still active within your energy system.


Usually these 'lines' are not conscious.


Energetic connections can be nurturing and empowering, but very often they can also be taxing, aggravating and limiting.


These energy cords or lines can be thrown out by yourself, but also by the other and can be linked to your energy.


Cords can run to other people, places, situations or memories, objects, traumas, but also to countries, other lives, animals or whatever. Everything to which your attention has (ever) been directed and or to which you have consciously or unconsciously made a connection, you have thrown out a line to.


 Because this is mostly an unconscious process, we are often not aware of how many lines we have open all the time and how they influence our thinking, feeling and functioning. 


If you have many cords, thick cords, old cords or 'negative'/low vibrational cords, then these can affect you very strongly. They can pull your energy away causing deep fatigue or gloom. They can cause your energy to go out of balance, make it difficult to stay with yourself, be concentrated and focused. They can get stuck in old patterns and emotions or make you feel like you are not moving forward in your life.  These are just a few of the many possible effects and consequences of influencing cord connections.


 The other side is of course also possible: that you feel carried, synchronize with the other person, lift each other up in energy, empower each other, get energized, get clarity and insights through an abundance of energy and increased vibration, etc.


Chords can exist at different layers of your energy and consciousness. Both in different aural layers as chakras, but also to the physical or in organs 'attached'. In addition, on a multidimensional level the higher layers of your consciousness) we can also have so-called galactic or cosmic cords running, connected to other life forms or higher dimensional realms or experiences.


 In short, at all levels of our being we may be dealing with cord connections that can affect us, for better or worse. 


Where these possibilities remain unconscious you can struggle for years with all kinds of problems (on all possible layers) without being able to find the cause, break through, heal and recover. This can certainly affect your growth and consciousness processes, but also at the expense of your health.


Energetic maintenance


So it is important for your own well-being and to keep your energy field clean, but also for awareness, that you regularly do an inner energetic maintenance. This means scheduling a time to tune in and feel your own chord connections.


The first times you might be shocked by the enormous tangle of wires lines, sometimes even cables, that run in and out of your system. You might follow these lines through feeling and or in meditation to see where they run to. They can be other people, but also places, situations, traumas, animals, etc.


You could investigate which lines are 'yours', thrown out by you, and which came in and were thrown out by another and connect to your energy system.


You could investigate and feel which lines are nurturing and serving and which are burdening or influencing.


Regularly doing such an awareness check also helps you to become more and more creative in how you can remove these cords (cut through, chop through, loosen them, catapult them back to sender, etc.).


 Regularly cleaning up and loosening such cord connections is essential to being able to feel and experience your own energy more deeply and consciously.


When there are too many lines of others in your energy field you do not really have an idea of who you are, you hardly know what is yours and what is not and you can unconsciously identify with qualities or characteristics that in essence are not even yours, but those of another.


In your self-examination of these energetic cords you can begin to feel what it takes to break a cord. Or what is needed to be able to retrieve a cord thrown out by you to another, so that your energy does not keep flowing out unconsciously to someone else, but comes back to yourself. This often results in much more clarity, concentration, a feeling of being more complete or being close to yourself.


In fact, on a daily basis we already throw out many tightrope connections, every time our attention goes to an energetic connection and thus line is made. Even if that is a product in the supermarket. You probably understand that it has no added value to maintain such lines, because your energy becomes extremely fragmented. And at a later time you have no idea why your head is such a blurr and you can't concentrate so well.


Removing cords


 By regularly removing these cords you keep your energy cleaner, clearer and more organized.


Some cords such as karmic cord connections, soul, family or friendship cords simply remain, but may also be discharged. Important cords that serve your process, growth and path of life cannot be broken anyway, when they still have something to teach you or make you aware of. They remain as long as it serves your growth.  However, these too can be dissolved or removed in snapshots, although they will be formed anew automatically (again, mostly unconsciously). For this you do not even necessarily have to have contact with the other. Wherever thoughts, feelings and your heart go, a line is already being extended to the other. Consciously and unconsciously.


Regularly checking yourself, cleaning up and cutting through cords is nowadays more than ever a necessary energetic maintenance to keep yourself optimally in your energy and to go through your consciousness processes as optimally as possible.


© Willemien Timmer





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