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About Gerrit Gielen

 Gerrit Gielen (1956) works as a spiritual regression therapist and a healer




I was born in Tilburg, The Netherlands, in 1956. My parents called me Gerrit, after my mum’s father.


As a child, I was very dreamy and introverted. I liked to dwell in a world made up by my fantasy.


My father, who grew up on a farm, was a customs officer who worked out in the fields. He loved the woods and nature in general. He also took a great interest in astronomy. He was a marvellous story-teller and had a great sense of humour.


He felt drawn to the spiritual and was very open to the notion of reincarnation. But he was also highly sensitive and often fell prey to fear and depression.


As a child, I was very aware of my father’s needs. I understood him when he felt unable to have company in the house. I understood when he wanted to be by himself. In this way, I became acquainted with and interested in psychological problems early on in my life.


As a child, I often prayed for my father’s healing. During my childhood, we hardly ever went out or had a vacation trip, because my father could not handle it. But since I was so focused on my inner world, I did not experience this as a problem. If only I was given quiet time by myself, I was satisfied, and in a way, this is still the case.


Partly under the influence of my father, I started to read esoteric and metaphysical books around the age of twelve. I first read several Dutch writers, such as Gijsbert van der Zeeuw and Jozef Rulof. Later I felt drawn to the books of Alice Bailey and Jane Roberts.


From my mother I inherited very different characteristics: down-to-earthness, rationality and a talent for mathematics. In the course of my life I have discovered that common sense and the proverbial Dutch down-to-earthness are extremely valuable if you enter the field of the spiritual.


When I was grown up I found a part time job as IT specialist. In my spare time I was engaged in astrology, tarot and hypnosis, but also in philosophy and science. And I spent a lot of time thinking about myself and life in general.


The years went by, and the internet came. I decided to create a website on which I published some writings of mine about consciousness, time, space, and my perspective on the meaning of life. When I put my site on the internet, I felt like throwing a bottle with a note inside on the open sea.


The bottle was found.

In November 2000 I received an e-mail which started like this:


 “I read your writings on karma and time on the Internet and I thought they were very interesting and clear. Especially the notion of many lifetimes occurring all at once (from the perspective of the timeless oversoul) is very intriguing.”

I was no longer alone: Pamela had entered my life. In April 2000 we started to live together and in 2002 our daughter Laura was born.


After that, we started to work together as spiritual therapists in our own practice.

© Gerrit Gielen


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