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 In the journey from the ego to your heart there will come a moment when you realize how you are filling the GAP.


When you go away from always being busy with doing and thinking so you do not feel the feelings emanating from your heart, so you do not have to listen to Source, to God, to All That is, to Who you really are!... you will have started your journey back home, remembering Heaven.


Deep within you know this to be true but the loud thoughts of the ego that can only echo what it has been fed in the past; can not imagine that this is true. 


When you build the bridge between the ego and the heart, it can feel like dying for the ego. Simply because all the relationships the ego has will change.


 These relationships are used by the ego to create a sense of self and change feels like dying for the ego.


You can see the ego as a magnifying glass that in a spirituale baby state gets used to burn things like paper or ants, etc… But when the heart becomes and is understood as the key to a happy life, the ego, the magnifying glass gets used to better read the divine messages that emanate from your heart.


All the ego has been doing before that was filling the gap of not being connected to the heart. This is what is meant when some say: “The ego has to die!”


Of course the ego will not die but will be transformed into the devine tool that it is. 


All the relationships the ego conjured up to fill the gap become useless. They have no more purpose. So they will transform or will be dropped, like a snake shedding its skin.


The relationships can be with people, animals, plants or other habits that you adopted like: all kinds of drugs that you used to fill the gap of not living from your heart. With drugs I mean any addiction that you need to repeat that does not serve your highest thought about yourself when it comes to taking care of your body, soul and spirit.


 Are you being abused in your relationship(s) in any way?


 Are you taking substances you would not give to a baby or a child?


 Are you emotionally dependent on the opinions of others? 


If you choose to embark on the bridge between ego and the heart, find a way to give up the belief that what you are doing is bad for you. That belief is dependent on duality and therefore only makes the ego stronger.


The heart does not judge and loves you as you are without conditions.


By giving up the belief that for exemple drugs are bad for you, you may find that the reason you started doing drugs was because your mother or father told you: “not to do that.” In this way you can enlighten your behaviors that are rooted in rebelion satisfaction. Many behaviors are!


While walking on the bridge between your ego and heart you will notice how you were filling the gap because for example:


 Drinking alcohol feels different

❥ Eating meet feels different

 Smoking feels different

 Being praised feels different 

 Pleasing your partner feels different

 Taking cocaïne feels different

 Eating more than your fair share feels different

 Filling the gap feels different

 Etc. feels different


This understanding of filling the gap is as the dark before the dawn.


 The sun, your heart is coming up. Light is here. You are awakening.


Being fully centered and present, in a state of non-judgmental awareness, is where you are going. Love yourself along this brave journey to YourSelf. Let the cocoon of old relationships break and the seed, the flower that you are, can come to life and will be basking in the light of your heart forever more. 


 Happily ever after on your never ending journey.


May you be peaceful and blessed.


Lightraisers Worldwide.




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