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Dear friends,

I am so happy that today we have again come together to celebrate the new era. It is no longer something that lies far ahead in the future. It is something which is growing under your feet and blossoming, here and now. A new consciousness, a new knowing is being born in the world. This has to do with the budding energy of the heart in many people, and you are the pioneers, the trailblazers. You are the ones who are the first to carry the seed within you and to plant it on Earth.

You are lightworkers, those who carry a deep desire in their soul to spread the light of awareness so there can be more peace, joy, and tolerance on Earth. More room to be creative and to share with one another. The freedom to enjoy one another in openness and love without those burdensome obligations, standards, and values you have inherited from your culture and which act as a prison surrounding you. Your desire for change is from your heart, and we are removing the bars from the prison windows. 

Still, you often hide. You build an imaginary cage around yourself where you wait anxiously and wonder if it is allowed that you establish your new light and radiate it in this world.

There are old energies still at work, for the rise of the new can only take place when the old has died away.

There first has to be a kind of demise, and it is just before that final moment, when the traditional framework falls away and a new consciousness bursts forth, that the old begins to resist. And it sometimes hits you as fear: “Can I do this? Can I be a part of the new? Is there a place in this world for the angel in me? Is the angel in me allowed to express itself here? Can it be of benefit and reach out a hand to others? Can it celebrate life here and share with others in joy and happiness?”

The mission of your soul on Earth is to be the angel you are, which is why you have come here. And make no mistake, you are pioneers, you are trailblazers. Therefore, you do not belong in the old frameworks and structures of the past that are so often based on the power and authority of hierarchical relationships. There are tightly defined roles, especially in work situations, which focus on specific education, or skills, or talents, while the angel in you will not be limited to specifics that can be measured by diplomas or degrees, for example. The angel in you is a pulsating energy that comes from the source of life itself, and it will not be limited by thoughts devised by humans and ideas that do not fit with who you really are. You must learn to be familiar again with that unfettered, free part in the depths of your being.

You have become afraid of that part, and even as a child you were made to be wary of it. A child is in possession of a quite spontaneous life flow and enjoys it; how easily a child lives within that spontaneity of feeling, the fluctuating emotions. It also has a very clear desire to do, or to not do, certain things. The child says “yes” or “no” very easily and knows what it wants, or does not want. It does not have all those reservations of: “May I do this or not?” The child does not have the same powerful inhibitions as do you. You have amassed a lot of limiting thoughts in the course of your life, yet you are also the ones who have a burning desire in your soul to clear them away.

To begin with, this “clearing away” is something you do for yourself, as well as for others. You become an example for other people when you live in your light, in your greatness; when you dare to manifest, without restrictions, the vibrant energy of the angel within you. If you are not afraid of what others will find, or think, or expect, then you become an angel of light for them. Not because you offer concrete help to them, but by simply being the person you are: a source of light and beauty. Your being that source sparks inspiration in other people, because it feels buoyant, beautiful, and joyous, and you do not need to work hard to achieve that effect.

Helping others is not something you do, it is a state of being. Just think of all the teachers who have gone before you that you know from your history, people who have been called masters or saints. They lived from themselves and not from others. They experienced in themselves the source of their own divinity – the angel – and that brought them a delight and an ecstasy that can be difficult to put into words: they experienced the source of their own unlimited being. They brought Heaven on to Earth, because they experienced no fear of themselves, but radiated who they were, in a limitless way. By just being who they were, they were a beacon of light for other people. People saw their light and wanted to be with them, because those teachers were happy, unburdened, relaxed. And it cost the teachers no effort; they just focused on that source of light within themselves. The joy and delight they experienced created sparks of inspiration in others.

Thus, you need not work for it. Your only job is to find that light within yourself, here and now, and to enjoy it, and to dare live it, for you now are the teachers of the new time. And do not hesitate to take this title, for it is not a matter of ego or arrogance. Simply feel in your soul a deep desire for change by exposing old rigid structures in order to make them more open, so as to allow a flow of new creativity and freedom and love into the world. That is what you came here to bring.

And how do you do that? How do you connect with that vibrant light of the angel, of the light bringer that is in you? You need not try to find it or to struggle for it, because this light is already there – it already flows through you. It gives life to all that you now are: to your feelings, your emotions, your body. Without this light, you would not be present here on Earth, so it already exists. It is in all the cells of your body, in your heart, in your feelings. However, it has become covered over – in some places more than others – by a layer of darkness, or you might say, simply by a layer of not knowing, of not being connected to who you truly are.

I would like to discuss that layer in more detail. That layer is the veil of ignorance that you put over yourself when you are not connected with your essential self. Feel that layer inside yourself for a moment, without judging it, but from the light of your consciousness. Feel the tightness of that layer, which can even be physical, but allow it to be there. Feel for a tightness in one of the energy centers: in your stomach, or your chest, or your throat, or wherever you sense it. Look at it with a very open mind, yet allow it to be there, because it cannot harm you.

You are an angel filled with empathy, compassion, and love for yourself. Imagine for a moment that you simply put a hand on that trapped place in your energy body. A soft caress is sufficient; a gesture that says: “You may be there, it’s okay. I have compassion for you and we can work it out”. And then you go deeper into that dark place with your consciousness, into that part that is not able to be who you are. Fear lives there, and maybe also grief and regret and anger. Go toward it; go to the darkest part in yourself, the part that oppresses you the most, the part that constitutes your prison.

We are there with you; we, the ones from the other side who assist you. Each of you has guides and are surrounded by this helping energy, so do not be afraid to look at this darkness in yourself. Look carefully at the blockages, the defenses, you might encounter in that darkness. See if something catches your attention or reaches out to you. And consider the question: “Why can’t I allow my light to shine, or radiate freely in the world? What hinders me?”

One of the first fears you encounter there that can block you is: “I can’t; I don’t know how; I doubt my ability; I am unable to do this.” See whether you recognize that thought form in yourself. Who was it told you that? Maybe you see a picture of someone in particular. It may be one of your parents, or someone else from whom you have taken on this doubt of yourself that says: “I should not be who I am.” Allow that thought to pass away, and take the time to do that. What has given you the feeling in this life that: “I cannot do this. I have to keep a rein on myself. I dare not do this, because it’s scary. People will reject or condemn me for who I am. It is too painful to be myself.” Gently call up those experiences that have given you that feeling, and look at them from the perspective of the person you really are, the angel in you. Simply put your arms around that pain, around that uncertainty in yourself, and say: “You can now relax, because I understand your feeling. I am with you. I’m the one who takes care of you. I give you the assurance that you can restore your light.”

Give yourself that encouragement. Surround yourself with the light of who you are, of the angel in you. The angel in you is not affected by your anxiety. It watches that anxiety with compassion and love, and understands how it came about, yet the angel does not allow itself to be overcome by those emotions. Feel how much greater you are than your fear. Feel that greatness, in spite of the fear you experience. And also accept that you know what you have to do – and that you will do it. Feel that in your limbs, your arms and legs: “I know who I am, and I know what I have to do.”

Now we look at another possible blockage, a defense, and that is anger. Fear has to do with being visible to the outside world. You have had many negative experiences there, which can have been in this life, but also farther back in other lives. You may have decided at one point:” I don’t want to again experience this type of reaction, so I will not allow my light to shine.” Thus the will is now lacking for you to allow yourself to be seen: “I am angry, so I need to close off myself.” There is resistance to allowing yourself to be visible, open, and vulnerable.

Many of you carry wounds from your childhood, of when you were still open and spontaneous, and it was there that you encountered negative experiences. Someone made a biting remark, someone rejected your originality, someone stunted your creative flow, and so you suddenly felt: “I am not welcome; I am not accepted by this person.” And so you shut down a part of yourself. There is pent up anger as a result of that happening: “Well, okay, I am no longer going to be a part of this.” And then you closed off yourself and locked yourself within, and you then were in a prison.

But at the moment you shut down and closed off yourself, you could not do much else, because often this was the only thing you knew how to do in order to survive, to protect yourself. You had to close the door because you felt: “I can’t bear this pain of being rejected for who I am. I have to shut down my feelings right now; I can’t take it.” Honor the fact that you reacted that way at the time. That defense mechanism, the closing off of yourself, is very understandable; it is a very human reaction.

But now feel how you have become stronger than that pain. You are now able to give yourself the safety and security that was lacking when you were rejected, because you are now more secure within yourself. In your essence, you do not belong to this world, so you do not have to react to the happenings around you. Your being here is about you, and allowing yourself to be who you are. People who cannot accept that will disappear from your life and be replaced by those who belong with you and want to share with you.

Do not be afraid of rejection. The fear of rejection is one of the biggest roadblocks you will encounter on your path. And because such a rejection hurts, there has arisen within you an unwillingness to expose yourself. That causes a contracted part, a barrier in your being, about which I spoke earlier. Allow the light to go to that barrier, but do not try to remove it. Simply surround the barrier with caring and compassion, and say: “I understand”. Speak to that contracted part of yourself. You can see it as an angry child, for example, so you can tell it that it may now relax, because you give it the freedom it needs; that you do not care what others think about you, because you know what is right for you. “I am who I am. I am welcome here. I bear my light with pride and dignity. I hurt no one with my light. I am simply who I am, especially in this time of change and transition.”

During this time of change in the field of consciousness in the world, you may feel a strong urge to again go outward with your light and to be of assistance to this change of awareness. And that is when you can meet up with your deepest barriers and defenses: the fear and reluctance to put yourself forward as an angel of light. It is a question of seeing those defenses in yourself and embracing them with love, and forgiving yourself for the necessary measures you once had to take when you closed off yourself. Doing this helps you to again come closer to the core of who you are, the vibrant angel

The more you become your own friend, the happier you will be, and the more signals you will get from your higher self, your angel self, of what you have to do, and of what is enjoyable to do and makes you happy. Do not be afraid to let go of old structures, whether it be a particular type of work, or a certain ingrained thought pattern. There is something new awaiting you. It is not a specifically defined way of doing things, because you are the ones who are creating new ways of cooperating in the world, new ways of working together.

You do not fit into existing structures, because you are the creators of new structures that are more flexible and more attuned to the consciousness of the heart. That is why I am asking you to trust that source in yourself, that pulsating light. And the time is right for you, because you will be helped and supported when you dare to trust and to again open up; when you fully connect with the source in yourself.

This is the right time. Today, more than ever, there is a need for people like you who are willing to freely and openly share their light. People are needed who have the courage not to live by the usual expectations and who are willing to be seen as different. People who really dare to look directly at another person – with a straightforward and open gaze– and who clasp hands in joyful welcome.

The time is now ready for you, and more importantly, it is your own destiny, your own intention, which has brought you here. Thus, the source of your greatest joy is to be able to live in the light, to be totally who you are. Do not hesitate to do what you feel you want to do. That feeling is your guide, for it brings you to where you need to be.

Thank you all for the perseverance and the courage you have already shown in finding your way. You do not give up; you do not settle for less than the truth. That is why you really are the pioneers and trailblazers of the new on Earth, and I thank you for being that. We who are here with you, I and those with me, represent the Christ energy. But you are the ones who allow it to be born on Earth and who live it. And for that, you have our deepest appreciation and respect. Thank you for coming.

© Pamela Kribbe


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