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 How do I deal with people without spiritual awareness?


It can be enormously helpful to see other people as yourself - in other circumstances or other lives. You could see them as representatives of parts of yourself.


You have come to a certain level of awareness because you have gone through many lives. The fatigue that you experienced is proportional to your willingness to look at life differently. This process cannot be accelerated.


You yourself have also had to go through experiences in which you were strongly identified with this body and your earthly experience.


And in which the knowledge you are exchanging now, that did not connect in any way with the experience you had at that time.


So we would urge you to have a certain compassion or even recognition. You too have gone through these purely earthly experiences and it is actually because of the duration and intensity of your experiences that you have become open to a broader reality.


 This also applies to other people in the long run: There is not a soul that does not return to God.


But this goes through many wanderings and many lives in which you are intensely identified with your earthly experience. Lives in which you attack and accuse others and in which you feel that you are a victim of this life.


This is constructive. Every experience in your life is constructive


 So look at it all with empathy and recognition.


 In other lives you went through the same thing.


Even in this life, there may still be shreds of victimhood or perpetration. Just be with that, and be alert to it.


When you feel that mix of compassion and recognition, you can imagine what another person is going through. That doesn't mean you have to agree with that other person. But neither do you have to condemn or convert another.


You can trust that this experience has its way. Be willing to be open to the possibility that this life is a helpful experience for everyone. 


The Field of Love


Geertje Smit





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