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As far as I am concerned, it is now clear that the whole world is confronted with an extreme excess of injustice. An injustice that has been brewing and growing for decades, and actually millennia, and is now once again showing its true face. Oppression is everywhere. People are revolting everywhere.

Law of Attraction


But the Law of Attraction shows that what we resist grows. In fact, pushing against injustice paradoxically feeds it, and gives it more ammunition.

So how can you live your life in truth and stand for justice without bowing to injustice, but also without giving the injustice more nourishment?



For me, personally I don’t think it’s an easy question either. My instinctive response to injustice is to fight. Not flight, not freeze, but fight. The nature of the beastie. But over many lifetimes the penny has dropped more and more – that fighting against evil makes no sense. Injustice exists. Evil IS. It is a manifestation of the dark side of duality. The not-light. And fighting against it only creates more strife and polarization. But how do you deal with it when another oppressor shows up who wants to force not only you, your family, your city, no all of humanity into slavery?


What you pay attention to grows


Narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths, tyrannical rulers: they are essentially empty and utterly damaged. They have no connection with their soul and the Source. They all want your attention and energy. The more confusion and division they can sow, the more outrage they can provoke you with yet another bizarre measure, more conflicting information, the better. The unease grows, the anger, the energy they elicit from you, and with that they get more excuses to act harshly and further suppress you. The more drama they can create, the better: it feeds them both energetically and strategically.

Looking away is not a option


Denying the injustice and lies, deception and manipulation using spiritual constructs like ‘’All is Love’’ or waiting for a savior is just hiding the unease behind a thin layer of would-be spirituality and also not a viable option. That is just rationalization to avoid cognitive dissonance. When you do not acknowledge the injustice but deny it, you are actually not exercising your free will but you are allowing tyranny.

A third option


Seeing evil for what it is, and then choosing to live as it is meant to be, as is your birthright, is the best way to freedom, I think. Doesn’t the ruler want me to connect with others? Then I use every opportunity available to me to socialize as I feel is good for me. I’m going to chat with everyone I meet. Does the government want me to sit in fear and watch disaster TV? Then I turn off the TV and dance in the living room. Does the doctor want me to put all kinds of junk in my body? Then I do my own research, say “no thank you” and continue to make healthy choices. If necessary, I kindly wave the Nuremberg code at him. Are they imposing nonsensical measures on me? Then I will investigate what this triggers in old trauma, old pain and fear, unconscious parts of my soul that want to be healed so that I can stand even more strongly in my strength and light.


Free will


However cunning and manipulative as they may be, the forces of the dark cannot escape the Universal Principle of Free Will. That is why all data about the truth behind the dictatorship is so easy to find. Beings from the dark can only get you to give away your power yourself. And they have turned that into an art form. Gaslighting, scare tactics, twisting reality, twisting fact two-and threefold, lying, confusing, polarizing – it’s all part of the game. It is important not to get angry about it, but to see it for what it is – a tactic. A military strategy. The best response is: don’t respond. See and then ignore. Don’t let yourself be intimidated. Keep your back straight and say, “No, thank you.” “” “No, this is not part of my truth.” “” I choose truth, non-toxic, contact, integrity, true communication, humor, connection, healing, love. ”


What does that look like?


As far as I am concerned, all citizens of the world would drink coffee on the street, have a barbecue – not in hot spots where the police force is out n full, but in front of their own houses, in the open air. All catering establishments and shops would open their doors and open terraces on the street. People would be singing in the streets after 9:00 PM, just like recently in France. No demonstrations, no confrontation, standing in places that you know will lead to police action – really, that’s too easy for the forces of injustice – but in front of your own door. Demonstrate life as it is intended and is our human right. Unfortunately, this only works when enough people have become aware enough and released their fears.

Good example

Until then, it is best to set a good example as much as possible. Laugh at the bizarre measures. Talk to people. Show that you are not afraid. Inform your doctor, your mother, your uncle. If they’re still in the hypnotically induced trance state that promotes fear and don’t want to hear it, okay. Release your attachment to the outcome. They are where they are in their process of awareness and mastery. You cannot force that.

It’s not about the outcome

It is important to remember that it is not about winning a battle. Let go of the idea of struggle or you will stay in the struggle. It is part of a process that has gone on for milennia – the process of awareness growth and spiritual mastery. It transcends our physical incarnation and spans many lifetimes.


Cosmic joke


Many of us, just as the dark pushes against us, are waking up and growing in consciousness at an accelerated rate. That’s the joke: it also works the other way around. The harder the dark pushes against us, the faster we wake up. In essence, we are eternal, inviolable beings – no ruler, no tyrant can essentially oppress us. The choice for freedom is one of the soul. And it is always free.

© drs. Wendy Gillissen


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