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Do you recognize this, you are comfortable in your skin, you feel the love flowing inside, you feel balanced, everything is going well. Totally happy and content. You feel calm. You radiate with energy. You almost give off light, that's how positive you are in your life right now. We all have moments like that, right?


Then you go outside and almost immediately you are confronted with someone who is not feeling like you, but angry with himself and the world, and that person will not fail to express that to you as well!


Gone is your light, you are immediately upset


You understand immediately that the other person is in his or her dark part. And that person is now doing everything possible to get you there as well.


Why, you may ask? Because you radiate your light.


 Because you radiate your light you confront at an unconscious layer where the other is.


If the other person is in his or her darkness, it hurts terribly for them to see you in your love and light. That is the ego. It does not want to be confronted with these feelings, so what does it do? It does everything in its power to bring you into the same dark part, and most of the time it succeeds with highly sensitive people because of their great empathy! That person wants to bring you there unconsciously, because then she/he feels less miserable because you are standing there shining and she/he is not! That really just means work for the other person, but most of the time people don't feel like doing that at all to feel responsible for their own happiness(s). It is so easy to blame everything around you except yourself!


There you are! Gone light, gone nice feeling, gone balance, gone your sense of contentment, you're back to square one, only a little worse. You are angry! Indignant! And lost again and therefore also very sad which gives you a big chance to identify again with your victim role!


But how do you get out of it?


 First of all you have to make sure that you are able to go through this process.


If you are able to feel this good every now and then, to let your own light shine out, you are already a long way. Now stay in it! You have to make sure that you understand that someone else is doing this out of (unconscious) self-interest. And that it is nothing personal towards you. So stay in your own energy field. Try to look at this (theater) piece from a distance, do not relate this to yourself and see that this is the struggle of the other person, which you probably recognize all too well.


Breathe into your heart and feel compassion and stay in your light. Should the other person start to get too out of it, turn around and walk away. Do not connect with the other person by saying something negative, but communicate clearly, that this has nothing to do with you and you wish the other person in a friendly way on your boundaries and you say that you are leaving now and you would like to have contact to talk about things if the other person treats you more respectfully.


The effect of this will be that the other person will be shocked by this, and that this reaction will be just enough to start thinking again from the consciousness, from the adult piece that the person is dealing with, just because you have remained so reasonable. You did not take over the energy and blame, but left it with the other person. This allows the other person to pick it up again and take responsibility for her/his part. And so begins the learning process of others who too often identify with the dark part of themselves through which they experience through your reaction that you can choose to remain in your own light. Through this they actually discover who they essentially are, also love ... just like you (without being woolly, this is very earthly!)


In a nutshell


 If you are someone who radiates then some people feel threatened by your light and therefore experience it as if they were standing in your shadow.


They may react to this by attacking you or withdrawing from you.


It is how you react to this that is the key to progress.


 Do you consciously hold back and pretend to be smaller than you are in order to maintain the relationship with this fellow human being? Or do you stay with yourself, your true authentic self and continue to radiate your bright light?


It is the insecurities of the other person that cause this reaction to you, then it is precisely important that your light continues to shine brightly.


Stay true to yourself, even if you feel lonely


 It won't be long before the light permeates everywhere and you find like-minded people.


Many are with you in shining their light. And you know what it is, when you succeed, something special grows in your aura, making it easier and easier to keep doing this, it just turns on!


 Release those who feel threatened by your light.


The powerlessness they feel is part of their soul's lessons. You came here to live your life in a certain way, according to your soul's mission, just as they did. At some point you may even cause people to shine their own light again, those who were in the dark may, through your powerful light, also find their way back to theirs.


 Because it is in all of us, you sometimes have to remember again where the light switch was again.




 Make sure you protect yourself energetically.


 Be aware of your light, breathe it in with each breath and reinforce it with your intention.


 Let the anger and frustration of others drain well through your grounding via the earth.


 Keep calling your own name in yourself, so that you stay in your own energy field, learning to distinguish the my from the dein


 Don't make it personal.


 Trust in yourself that you can handle more than you think.


 Let your inner strength grow by seeing every situation as a training in which you learn to become better and better.


 Be aware of the light that you radiate and consciously reinforce this with your attention, especially when there is someone near you who is in the 'dark' and wants to get you there too (unconsciously).


 Lift your energy level to a higher level.


 Be careful of your light, you only have a certain amount of it, don't just give it away or let it drain you. This is your life force, your life energy. You are responsible for it. It is not unlimited, just don't be stingy with it for yourself! But don't just give it away to others, so that you feel exhausted and empty again.


 If someone stays like that, let them go out of love. After all, you don't want to let yourself be deliberately destroyed time after time.


 Stay true to yourself and your intuition.


 Seek out like-minded people, people who don't find your light threatening, but also continue to shine brightly.


 Put your hand on your heart and breathe as often as you can from your heart, plant the words there: Love, Healing and Gratitude.


 Set your limits in time, you have to make do with your body, energy, spirit, feelings and thoughts in your life, take good care of them. Stay as positive as possible and never, ever give up!


Tamara Beekmans




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