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 If I say something to you that you do not want to hear, or if you are not ready to hear it, you will immediately reject it.


If I say that one is dreaming, one will say that one is awakened.


If I say that there is another world, that there are many worlds, no one will believe me and people will say that I am crazy.


When I say I can time travel, many will say I have lost my way.


When I say that God exists, those who do not believe in God will attack me.


When I say that one is Love itself, one will still continue to seek it outside of oneself.


When I say that to hate is only to maintain hate, those who hate will attack me.


When I say that something is wrong, many will defend themselves because they think it is right.


When I say that animals should not be killed and tortured, many will turn against me.


When I say the earth is being destroyed by humans, many will dismiss me as an activist, stupid and deranged.


When my behavior differs from the norm in society, I will be diagnosed.


When I choose for myself, I will be rejected and said to be selfish.


If I act in a way that violates laws, rules, and authority, I will be punished and, in extreme cases, imprisoned.


No matter what I say, no matter what people say, there will always be strife, there will always be anger, denial, and ignorance


 Never will it be right what you do, what you say, how you live, how you think, how you experience. Another will always know better.


Man here on earth lives in separateness, in division, in duality, in judgment and fear.


Step out of that, do not engage in this energy. It is useless. Don't fall into these patterns that have prevailed here on earth for thousands of years.


Nobody agrees with each other.


There is always a war. One attacks and one defends.


At the level of the material world, the low level of the (brain) of mental world, peace will always be impossible.


It is a bestial, insane State of Being. One is trapped in a world of cunning, lust, hatred, fear, struggle, suffering and deceit.


One wants to maintain this world.


Every time you feel attacked, every time you defend yourself, every time you look outward and not inward, you yourself are maintaining this world.


 Although in a small way, because everyone has not resolved this so in a small way, all these small projections in the human mind have not been resolved. And therefore all those small projections have become one big projection. This material world.


Take a good look at it.


There is a great struggle, every moment. Everywhere you look there is struggle.


In a small way, in you


In the big picture, in this material world


Through media, through professions, through politics, through countries, governments, royal houses, ancestry, religion, through status and money.


One struggles and fights, one hates and one is afraid. One attacks and one defends.


One does not even realize it. They have been doing this for thousands of years. They do not want to learn, they think they know it all.


One does not wish to become a student, one wants to enforce and determine.


 But as long as you don't experience peace within, for all that is, for all that lives, there will be no peace to experience outside.


 So inside, so outside. And as man feels inside in this world, has now become very visible in this world.


 Unity, love, peace, compassion and enlightenment can only take place in the human being who has detached himself from this energy which has manifested itself on earth.


This is not an easy path


But it is the only way


I see the state of the human mind, I see through the game that is being played. I am no longer a participant in this material world, I merely observe it.


I have detached myself from it. So that I can be completely at peace.


 I wish to be in truth, because in truth struggle is impossible.


And that is the only solution for a better world. You can enter the real world only when you yourself are at peace.


As long as you are still in discontent, the material world, is your world.


Do not remain stuck in this low energy. Rise above it.


Rani Savitri




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