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At nineteen, Evi Michelle Maalcke was diagnosed with breast cancer. Like many, she was at the crossroads of choosing mainstream medical treatment or an alternative approach. She chose the latter, began a radical vegan and ketogenic diet, and started EMDR and EFT therapy to heal her traumas.


In a matter of weeks, the tumor 'melted' by more than 80% and she is now completely healed


Evi, now 23 and author of 2 books, says her healing process has been a combination of physical and energetic attention.


 Her philosophy is that everything is connected in a system in which energy should flow freely. When that stops flowing because you are storing something, disease, along with a number of other factors, can arise or be expressed.


For her healing process, she dove deep into the traditional healing methods of indigenous peoples.


What is so beautiful about Evi's process is that in her choice to go down this path she sensed that the tumor was a symptom of an imbalance in her physiological and energetic constitution.


You can gain insight into that imbalance by making your inner world conscious and listening again to your body language


Evi describes it as follows; 'you have to look for the spot, make it big, see what comes up and neutralize it effectively'.


 When Evi consciously connected with the tumor all kinds of images, memories, traumas, people and situations came into her consciousness. This gave her insight, clarity and sense of direction where in it lay the solution for her to heal.


We are so quick to seek advice outside of ourselves and look for solutions that will get us out of our discomfort or illness as quickly as possible. From the mind we want to understand why we are sick and what we can do to fix it.


Also in medicine you see the two extremes sharply opposite each other; traditional medicine that brings body and mind together, looks at causes, imbalance and self-healing capacity versus the current Western approach that does not look at causes such as nutrition and trauma and works exclusively from symptom management by medication.


A retired physician said that he used to study medicine and that the same study is now called medicine....


 Our human consciousness allows us to remember and use our multi-dimensionality as human beings.  When we focus our consciousness, which works like a searchlight and magnifying glass, on our inner world, we unlock all the information, energies and frequencies that collectively make up the total of who you are now.


This is where you encounter your conscious creative power but also the vast subconscious, which has at least as much creative potential in your present reality.


This is where past, present and future come together and that can give you insight into patterns, habits, beliefs, viewpoints and traumas


 These not only have their origin in this lifetime but go back through the family line or parallel life experiences in other dimensions and timelines.


The communication from and with the senses of your physical body helps you to listen to what your body is asking of you.


Your consciousness, which is not limited by your physical appearance and transcends time and space, connects you to the big picture and the coherence of things


This is how we simultaneously connect with the earthly and the creative in us. It is the simultaneous reminder of our human limitations but above all of our boundlessness as creative beings. Everything we find there is pregnant with desire to be met and acknowledged.


 When we make that a life practice everything will relax, discharge and move. We remove the big boulders from the river of life, get ourselves out of the way, and what remains is a life that flows, in free-flow.


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