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 Imagine that you were living your soul mission. That you would do what you were born on this planet to do.


The universe would support you in everything: after all, you are doing what was intended and you are thus connected to universal flow.


All the people, experiences and resources you need just appear on your path, at the right time, in the right place.


Life magically unfolds and you feel good, great, fantastic! You get to contribute to humanity and the world in your way and it gives you deep satisfaction.


Only... How do you know what your soul mission is?


No one to tell you, no book in which to find it... So what about it? Surely there must be a way to discover your mission?


Fortunately, there is indeed a way, closer than you think even. Your soul communicates with you every moment of every day. She is constantly letting you know what the intention is. She speaks to you and her language is PASSION.


Passion is the GPS of the soul


 "Passion is the GPS of the Soul": is what I always say.


When you were born, that GPS was already properly tuned to your soul mission, just like a navigation system in the car that is set to the right address. The only difference is that a navigation system tells you where to go - Turn left at the next street - and your soul lets you FEEL where you may go.


 When you feel passion for something, that's a message from your soul saying, "DO IT."


Even if it seems nonsensical, it's the next step to your soul's mission. Only that's where it often goes wrong. With our limited minds we start reasoning about whether it can be done. "Let's not do that, I can't make money with that/I'll be a dick/I'll lose my status".


When Wim Hof -the Iceman- started one winter day with hacking a hole in the IJ to immerse himself in, everyone declared him crazy. However, it was his passion and no one, but no one, could have foreseen that by following that passion he would one day be training Barbara Streisand and Orlando Bloom under the Florida sun.


When I left the boardroom and moved to Vietnam with Monique on spec, moved into a one-bedroom apartment and started giving energy treatments to expats, everyone declared me crazy.


However, it was my passion.


 No one could have foreseen that by following that passion, the Bridgeman Method would emerge. That we would train coaches and meditation trainers.


We are not raised with it. Our parents didn't know any better.


Suppose your passion was dancing and you wanted to be a dancer as a child. When you told your father, "Dad, I'm going to be a dancer when I grow up," he advised against it because:


 The chance of failure was too high;


 With that, the chance of status was too small and;


 There was too little job security in dancing.


So your father told you that you'd better study law or economics


And that's where you are now. Somewhere in an office. You are doing work that you may not really like, but yes... you do have nice colleagues. And good working conditions. And you know where you stand. But still... Every day you think, ever so slightly longer:


"Is this really how life is meant to be? Is this my life?"


Had you followed your passion, maybe those dance classes would have led to you meeting someone who believed in you. Maybe by now you would have been an internationally renowned dancer, or choreographer, or producer, or TV personality.


I'm taking an extreme example, but you know what I mean.


We're so preoccupied with job security, paying our mortgage or rent, building up retirement and the kids' college costs, that we're doing something that doesn't fit our soul mission at all.


 The result? Fatigue, burn-out, feelings of unhappiness, being overwhelmed, feeling small and trapped, not really being able to enjoy ourselves, stress, a short fuse, unhealthy living, getting sick quickly, drinking and eating too much to avoid feeling unhappy. You name it.


I know all about it: that's how my life was before we left for Vietnam.


The good news: it is not too late to follow your passion!


Find out for yourself what it is you are truly passionate about right now and follow that direction. Trust that your soul will take care of you as you move in the direction of your mission.


 The universe will unfold for you and all the people, experiences and resources you need will come your way. By the way, this does not mean that there will be no more hard work, setbacks and disappointments, which are part of life.


Life is short. If you may live to be 80, you have a total of about 4,000 weeks to live. Life is too short to play it safe. It's a roller coaster ride and you get to choose whether you get on or not. Passion is the GPS of the Soul.


"One day baby we'll be old, thinking about the stories that we could have told" Asaf Avidan - One day/Reckoning Song


Live lightly!


Robert Bridgeman




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