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It is normal that from time to time you get stuck in change processes on your inner path. Every person who lives on earth 'under the veils' has a limited consciousness that has limits. From your free will you can choose to expand that consciousness, or not.


If you choose not to, you will continue to function in a limited way as a mortal human in the old matrix and will continue to attract three-dimensional experiences within the duality. However, if you do choose inner growth, then you will not only develop a much broader consciousness, but also a much more loving and true self.


 From that changing self-image, the gates will open to your divinity. You then become the channel through which ever higher frequencies from the Light World will descend. Thus you will lift your life and the earth to a higher plane as a matter of course.


But, to be honest: the inner work is not done that way.


Being stuck


Sometimes you want so badly to go through a certain piece, or leave something old behind you, but you just can't seem to get it turned around. As long as the insight is not there yet about where it gets stuck in you, you will continue to face similar situations that keep you trapped in the same old patterns, thought circles and emotions. Sometimes driven to despair....


Usually your personal self has already pulled out all it could think of to get the problem solved no matter what. Or you have made a very powerful inner decision 'that from now on you will tackle something really different in your life'. Yet a little later you can get completely stuck again, and really not know what you can do anymore.


 That is the moment when you reach the ceiling of your personal consciousness.


Then it is time to ask for help from higher up; help from your higher Self, which is connected to the world of Light, to Ascended Masters, Angels, Guides, Star Beings, Galactic Councils, etc.


'I will do'


We can grow in consciousness when we learn to look at our lives from a different, higher and more loving perspective. We all carry the possibility to connect with higher dimensions. However, we are so used to wanting to solve everything ourselves, to fathom it and to take responsibility for it, that the personal self always goes to work first.


But when it comes to spiritual growth on the inner path, the personal self has only limited possibilities in terms of 'doing it myself'. This is because with the earthly senses the self cannot see beyond what exists within the three-dimensional world of possibilities.


 It therefore perceives only a very limited and relative piece of reality, because it cannot 'see through the veils'.


 Moreover, the glasses of the self are colored by all personal experiences in duality, and it sticks (often still unconsciously) old dual pictures on changes, solutions and future possibilities.


At a certain point it just doesn't work anymore to get out of these old vicious circles on one's own ego-power, but.... everything in creation was originally created from Love! And if you wish to free yourself from an unloving scenario, then the whole of creation will work to support you! You only need to make room internally and reach out to higher realities.


Ask and you shall receive


Being close to the ceiling actually requires an inner confession that you no longer know how to proceed. But before a powerfully constructed ego gets that far, a lot of water has already flowed through the river. There can be a lot of shame in 'not knowing anymore'. To admit that you are empty-handed can be very difficult. It brings up feelings of falling short and being imperfect, having failed etc.


 But really all you have to do is ask, set your heart to 'unconditional' and.... 'Thou shalt receive'.


It is a challenge to make sure that what you receive is not colored by your personality beforehand. If you have been stuck in a very difficult situation for a while and the outcome is not at all clear, your personality has often already come up with all kinds of disaster scenarios. Nine times out of ten you have discouraged and paralyzed yourself. But what if you let yourself deeply grasp that whatever it is that is going to be offered from higher dimensions, it will still be a much higher and more beautiful version than what your personal self has been able to produce up until now...?


Beyond judgments and beliefs


Usually it is a matter of seeing through the identification in which you are trapped. Often there is a judgment or belief behind it, based on duality and guilt. I have messed up again', or 'I have not grown one millimeter', or 'this time it will never be good'. Or you project it outward and internally continue to walk around with the same limited perception, e.g. 'he still has no eye for the Goddess in me', or 'ridiculous how she keeps wandering around in her emotions', or 'what a coward that he doesn't take it on'.


 As soon as you catch yourself on an unloving thought or belief: Put it in the light immediately! Then ask for help to be allowed to discover a higher truth and to see through your mistakes.


The more space you have created in your personal self - through all that you have already cleaned up internally from the duality consciousness - the purer and easier the higher truths and wisdoms from your higher Self and the Light World can enter you.


Hidden fear or distrust


 Sometimes there is still hidden fear or distrust under the layer in which you are stuck.


For example, if you feel that something is no longer healthy or nourishing for you to keep doing; not knowing what will take its place if you give it up can then seem so much less appealing or even threatening that you keep things as they are, accepting the less pleasant consequences.


 Your repeatedly hurt personality is often willing to take a very big turn only when you feel an inner soil within yourself on which you could land in case of emergency.


Supposing that everything around you were to go upside down or collapse, the personality wants to make sure in advance at least that your own ass could still be saved.


 Yet that is also not something to be judged lightly. Often there is still something essential to be experienced or discovered, or something has to mature internally before you can relinquish control and hand it over to higher self parts.


But if there is a real inner desire to make definitive changes, from higher service for you and all involved, and you are willing to say "Thy Will be done"; then place it energetically in higher hands where you no longer know. Allow the help of the Light World, they are there for you! And again, they will create much better and more loving versions, which cannot be influenced by the narrowed consciousness that we still have in duality.


Surrender to the Divine Plan when you feel that you're called ...


Mieke Vulink




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