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 Excerpt from the activation/attunement of 24-6-2022 (third 666 portal)


During the activations and transmissions, usually a lot of background information flows into consciousness. Sometimes a very detailed 'story', sometimes small pieces of a very broad, complex and multidimensional 'creation story'. This is for the purpose of awareness. And as the higher attunement and deeper grounding is supported, the energies behind the words can enter deeper into one's own consciousness. It's all about vibration, frequency and wavelengths being touched and set in motion.


In the activation of 24-6-2022 a bit more background about the 666 code and relationship with the matrix came forward. It is just a tip of the iceberg, and focused on the energy of that moment and portal, but might be interesting to highlight:


'The energy of the 666 resonates on the matter world. In a 'negative' sense also on the matrix that is firmly anchored on earth (but is on the verge of collapsing and wobbling). The more people raise their consciousness and vibration, the more cracks appear in the matrix and its right to exist decreases.


 The human being is in fact the carrier, the anchor that maintains the matrix, through unconsciousness and old wounds and by behaving from there in life.


So as you continue to grow and detach yourself from the old survival mechanisms, fears, lack of true grounding and consciousness, you gradually loosen your grip on the matrix. Just until you notice that you are completely in your own bubble of multidimensional/God consciousness, where you are free of the matrix. (And yet you can still be present on earth).


You can approach the 666 vibration from different angles: on the one hand, it is very neutrally the world of the most compacted God energy, the world of matter. In essence, it is neutral. However, we, through all our wounds, have come to think something of it. We have acquired fears of being here on earth, in matter. Because we have lived experiences of pain, loneliness, fear, etc. here. Because in order to incarnate into the depths of matter, we have experienced more and more separation from our Source consciousness. Which hurt and sometimes still does.


What has caused us to create more and more ego, survival modes and an accumulation of energy, so that we are no longer truly rooted on earth.


A still common pattern is to unconsciously let the energy run away or pull it up, where we come into deeper contact with the earth. This triggers the old wounds and experiences and causes a constant longing for light/higher consciousness and even a departure from our own physical (matter) body.


Partly because of this, the matrix has been able to emerge and become stronger and stronger.


This is because the matrix was not only created by 'dark forces'. Among other things, our own unconsciousness and pulling away from consciousness are also anchors that keep the matrix (and all the old behaviors, patterns, etc.) in place.


 So, where we gain more insight into what keeps us trapped in the matrix, what keeps us away from a true connection with the earth, therein lies the key to further 'tearing' the matrix apart and coming loose. Not only from our Self, but also from the earth.


There where vibration/awareness rises, there the unconscious shadow can no longer exist and the limitation/ fear/ wound can be seen through and healed.


Dark energies (and yes they can also be part of us, although the human who now chooses for light and love would often rather not see that) have not only contributed to the creation and maintenance of the matrix. Also roles filled, systems created within the matrix, individuals, up to large energy fields have filled the matrix and given it existence.


From a soul perspective we have wanted to experience all possible roles and this does not only include roles of light, that would be rather one-sided development


From a soul perspective there is no judgment on shadow roles (as our ego usually has). So that may well mean that you too have known lives in which you have, for example, helped to anchor the matrix deeper. By e.g. adding or implementing distortions in the collective consciousness, such as the idea that the 666 energy is 'the number of the beast', so it is not good (judgment) and that you should keep far away from it.


It is just one of infinite programming in the matrix, which keeps you away from your original light and power and consciousness.


 But as with everything in the matrix, from the point of view of consciousness you may frown every time you put your trust in 'you must stay far away from that', because often that is precisely where the keys to freedom from the matrix are found and you can stand in your true power.


Now I am not saying that you should do everything 'that you are not allowed', but it is worthwhile to investigate why certain forces want to keep you away from something.


Where certain programs are collectively implemented, through belief systems for example. It diverts attention nicely.


If everyone, in whatever life, learns from their belief structure that the 666 energy is not okay, it can cause you to stay away from that coding for the rest of your life.


That coding that in essence has nothing to do with darkness! But is purely a wavelength/frequency that indicates the most condensed form/reality of God-consciousness.


 A dimension in which also the 'heaven on earth' can be experienced, unless we continue to stare blindly at that matrix programming. Then we will not discover what the magic of earth is and will continue to plod, toil and flee."


© Willemien Timmer




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