The energy of 1-7-2022 as entry to a powerful shift period ♥ Willemien Timmer ♥ Lightraisers Worldwide


 Today we enter the second half of the year 2022.


The energy of July (and August) are each year mega powerful months in which many new openings, vibrational increases, powerful changes in personal and collective consciousness will be implemented.



And every year these changes are profound and have an impact on the rest of the year and everyone's individual (soul) evolution, but also collectively this gives again shifts.


 But as changeable and profound as 2022 has been so far, the summer of this year, will be more powerful than ever and will touch, expose and churn up deeper layers than ever.


Embodied Consciousness


In the energy of this year, 2022, the essence and underlying energy is focused on the re-innerrn and embodiment of Source Force (unity) in the matter world.


Through this the blueprints of Source are vibrated ever deeper, even down to the human layers. Through this the Original Human becomes more and more deeply awakened in the human day consciousness and body (consciousness).


 Everything in which we do not yet live our originality comes to the surface and is scrutinized. Wherever there is still imbalance, distortion and wrongdoing, layer by layer comes to light. 


It requires awareness and taking responsibility for your part in its creation in order to heal it and bring it back to its golden center (balance and straight line).


In order to remember and integrate the pure and original Source force, the polarization and duality must be exposed, lived through and transformed. Because that creates new space to really allow the higher Light forces and give them a place in your earthly life.


Energetically this has been going on for many years and since 2018 this growth and changes are taking place deeper and deeper in the human layers (physical, emotional, mental, in ego layers etc.).


How exactly this works, why this is so and what effects and backgrounds this has you will find in my book Embodied Consciousness. In that book the necessity of embodiment through grounding is clearly explained.


What is not grounded in growth and/or higher consciousness, cannot take root and cannot be embodied. That means that you remain susceptible to twisted energy, manipulation of energy, illusions, matrix and duality. That also means that you cannot dissolve and heal unconsciousness, wounds and twisted energy from many traps in consciousness. And that means that you will not be able to live your Original Source consciousness in all layers of your being.


The energy of 1-7-2022


Today's energy is like a gateway that leads you into the energy of the second half of 2022 and that starts with two immensely powerful months full of consciousness shifts.


 Within a few days I will be sharing much more information about this in (follow-up) articles. It still needs some time to work everything out.


The energy of 1-7-2022 is about the alignment with the energy of the 7 in the 222 code, the rising power of consciousness also in the world of matter (222= also 6). Both base chakra and crown are being vibrated in the energy of 1-7-2022, but also all other layers and qualities that belong to the 7-energy, including the creative power of the female blueprint field.


The energy of July is about (awakening, experiencing, re-acquainting and integrating) your own original creative power. And today's energy is the entrance and carrying force in that.


 Frequencies within your base chakra are being vibrated deeper to increase your support for renewal and to create the openness to be able to 'receive and process' new energy downloads and original consciousness. This is not only energetically, but will certainly also be felt or noticeable physically, because the physical structure is also linked to the base.


A stimulation of the base and crown chakra will be able to be felt. These become in this energy as it becomes more deeply aligned and aligned with each other. The more open your base chakra is, the wider your crown can open as well. And both are balanced with each other. That can cause changes in your whole posture, how you are in your body and in your skin.


 Because a balanced alignment and connection of these two chakras further opens your central energy channel for the influx of both cosmic and earth energies.


What arises from this is literally inwardly a deepening of your basic alignment that will be of great importance in the next two months to accommodate all the shifts in consciousness and energetic (and physical) openings and changes.

In case of imbalance


Effect of this realignment today can be that when your crown is opened further than your base, that this can make quite some resistance or discomfort felt.


Lack of grounding and a (too) wide open crown chakra can create a great imbalance that tends to lead to flight and hovering. Often unconsciously, in fact.


This leads to not really connecting with your human self, body and the 3D world in which you (also) find yourself. It can cause fight, flight, freeze or please behavior to emerge more strongly. Because these survival mechanisms are linked to a poor grounding and based on old (often unconscious) fear of life and resulting from wounded experiences.


The goal is of course to become aware of the survival patterns you use.


This imbalance can be touched in today's energy and felt more deeply as the cosmic and earthly energy inflow and changes push you towards a more balanced alignment. This can create inner resistance as your crown is often closed more and your base opened further to achieve balance. This can feel unpleasant and awkward because you then come deeper into your body (consciousness). That which you subconsciously wanted to escape from. For a moment it can feel as if you are experiencing less cosmic connection or are less open, suddenly feeling the heaviness and inertia of the 3D deeper. However, it is necessary in order to be truly prepared and truly in alignment.


Recalibrating the chakra system


 You may also find that your entire chakra system and body become more upright, more balanced and centered on the center axis. I.e. you start to feel larger, more stretched, broader and more present in body and energy.


Where there are stagnations or imbalances it can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable or awkward. As if you are being stretched but resistance can also be experienced. In feeling, but also in body areas if it concerns physical layers.


Be kind to yourself and dwell on the process


The trick is to be still. To feel for a moment how you can go there with your attention, so that you help the energy to flow more easily, to open up further. Wherever you give attention to, your energy flows and is thus strengthened.


The fact that you are consciously aware of it, giving time and space to yourself or your body, helps enormously in a more fluid flow. Makes you more aware and will facilitate and ease the process.


 In that sense today is a portal day through which we will enter a new phase of 2022 that still has a lot of beauty, power and change in store for us!


(So more on that later in upcoming articles).


For now wish you a wonderful, transforming day! Keep your head and heart up! Today we enter a new rollercoaster to rise more and more powerful in our original (creative) power and to actually embody this on earth!


© Willemien Timmer





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