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 What do you trust in a time of increasing polarization, fake news and censorship?


This is a phase in which the darkest sides of humanity are coming to light. Institutionalized racism, pedophile networks, and systematic privacy and constitutional violations are just a few examples of the shadows that can no longer remain invisible.


 It is the nature of the hidden, the repressed and the unconscious to come to and into the light. It wants to be brought home, acknowledged and embraced. 


And that natural law is precisely the invitation that life now presents to us. To remember, realize and see that all facets of life, even the darkest, emanate from the same source energy that everything is made of; the substratum, consciousness, the unity or the great mystery. And that realization brings the realization that you are simultaneously both human, trying to make chocolate out of earthly life, in the mind, in 3D, in polarity, and the creator of that earthly reality, nothing less than a goddess or god.


WanneerWhen you take that place again you not only put yourself in a place of power, but you welcome the full spectrum of earthly life, both the light and dark sides


 That must be so because if you are that, the literal creator of everything, then you are thereby also the creator of those darker facets of life and you will never condemn, deny or fear them.


It is pure creation, limitless, free-falling and impersonal. This perspective cannot be grasped from the mind because that is the one thing the mind cannot do; consider life from unity and wholeness and let it be as it is.


It is our privilege as human beings to be able to experience both of these perspectives simultaneously. On the one hand, what it means to be a truly complete human being. The human being who realizes the simultaneous perfection and tragedy with which earthly life unfolds, what laws apply and how to live fully without suffering or causing damage. On the other hand, the greatness, the mystique and the perfection with which all life seemingly unfolds, everything included, the nothingness that is everything.


The compassionate heart is the metaphor where these two dimensions meet, where the intangible, the unseen, can be experienced through the senses of the physical


Where consciousness and compassion meet you enter this space and become the master of these two worlds. Here you see and feel perfection in everything, how 'timing and readiness' have always determined what can happen, when it can happen and how it happens. This is the compass you can sail blindly on, here you experience that life takes care of you.


 No matter how intense, dark, hopeless or damaged you are, you are seen, embraced, supported and brought home by life itself, always.


This is what you can always rely on, beyond the doubts and conflicts of the mind. Your compassionate heart remembers this, knows this and can do this, you just need to go in there and let it take care of you....


Let's be this.


Juno Burger



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