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 Totalitarian Regimes





Lately it appears as if certain more totalitarian ways of thinking are ing presented by politics as possible solutions to the challenges we may be facing in our world today. Putting a more controlled system in place in order to fight climate change for instance – probably makes sense to a lot of people. But in thinking a few steps further down the road, or recalling what I last heard about countries who are currently using such regimes... I must say these scenario’s do not sound as appealing to me, as they’re being made out to be. It really all just makes me feel quite uneasy. At the same time - I can see that our capitalistic western system has its flaws and surely something needs to happen to rebalance our relationship with the planet... but would a totalitarian approach be any better?




OK, thank you for this question.


There are many things we can reflect upon – in response to these ideas. We will not get to all of them right now – but we will cover some of the most relevant aspects that, we feel – match the energy frequency of the global changes you are in at this time.




First of all, let us remind you, that you do not actually ‘change the world that you are on’ – rather - you allow yourself to shift to a version of Earth, that already is more reflective of the type of things you’d like to see ‘differently’ in your version of reality. Now, this statement wouldn’t be complete, if we just ‘left it at that’. As simultaneously; You constantly invite yourself, from your Higher Self’s point of view; to truly ‘ground’ yourself if you will, within the nature of this reality. In other words; the idea of your Persona Self is used as the ‘Avatar’ of your Souls desire to be focussed in this world – This is what allows you to focus on the ideas of linear time and ‘cause and effect’ and so on. Yet, you also carry within you the deeper Knowingness that as you explore these ideas, they do not identify you.


Rather - it is through your play with these co-created building blocks of your physical reality – that you paradoxically, allow yourself to shift with increasing ease and awareness, from one version of the world to another.

In other words; the shifting of your focus and the be-ing present with your version of the physical dream, go hand in hand.


With every single shift you will present yourself with new reflections that may increase your chances of remembering the ‘power of paradox’, with which you yield over this entire creation.


You make this ‘more obvious’ to yourself, is by inserting the type of reflections you refer to as ‘synchronicities’. It is through synchronicity, be it positive or negative - that you allow your rational mind to ‘wake up from the physical dream’ so to speak. Synchronicity allows you to remember that ALL in fact is ONE ... And that YOU – and what you choose to believe is true for you – is at the heart, of all of it.


Alright - so – NOW we’ve covered that – let us get back to the capitalistic systems and totalitarian governments – as you choose to play with these ideas in your co created reality.


Questioner: hahaha – please.


Now then; at this point in your collective evolution, you can see several examples of either one of these systems.


And though we understand that from a certain perspective, stricter regulations could be seen as a possible solution for certain challenges – they are usually only seen this way, by those who do not belief any other solution would be sufficient.


 In other words; a need for control – for stricter regulations, or more complex, specific and outspoken guidelines, in whatever type of situation, usually originates from a lack-belief or fear.


In choosing such a solution for your challenges, say for your relationship with the Earth and with nature - you might at first see an improvement on the surface-level of your reality. Yet, when implemented for a prolonged period of time - you would eventually discover that such a ‘set-up’ - would not continue to be experienced as a holistically nourishing situation for all involved.


 Especially if this includes restrictions on how you are supposed to think and behave


What we are saying here is that; though ‘nature’ as represented to you by the wildlife of your planet, might initially thrive, - if that thriving is the result of the suppression of your own species, your inner nature will eventually start to feel as if it is lacking oxygen. And this in turn – since you are a part of it – will then be reflected back to you, by nature ‘at large’ in one way – or another at some point. this could be reflected back to us by what for instance?


Nature – and by that we mean you in the energetic sense, you would certainly find a way to get the attention of mankind. This could be through a disease that asks you to look inside and remember your own true nature, - it could be via issues with the crops you choose to grow or even something that may seem as out of your world as an asteroid flying by or actually hitting the planet. Not to upset you – but rather to let you know that a re-set button is always available form Nature’s point of view.


 This is not a punishment – it is a way to course correct – to offer new opportunities for growth in a way that contains more balance. 


You see, in your co-created evolutionary journey with nature, nature ‘asks you’ to relate to her as you would like to relate to yourself. Nature asks for equality. What kind of relationship would you have with your planet, if you were raised with the assumption that humans have to be kept to certain restrictions or they will completely destroy the planet they live upon? Beliefs of that ‘nature’, pun intended, drive a gab between you and what your spiritual relationship and connection with nature is about.


You already all are naturally connected to nature – you are IT – you are nature. And thus, you can communicate with her, as naturally as you can with your own bodies and your own Higher selves. You are all connected to the same Earth-Human-Over-Soul-frequency that encompasses all that lives on your planet.


This is the Source-energy that you share and that sustains you both


You are all naturally wired to find a harmonious way to express this inner knowing and to be a part of nature,

supporting and loving her – as you would like to see yourself be loved and supported.


 The reason many of you do not do so however; is not because there is a lack of rules and restrictions; it is because there has been a long time lack of freedom for you to discover and in fact ‘remember’ who you really are.


It could be said that; you have burdened yourselves with such a heavy load of rules, starting from such an early age - that this became in fact the root of what separated you from your inner Knowing. And by that we mean the part of you; that wouldn’t think twice if it had to choose between allowing a tree to continue to grow, or feeling a need to have a white wooden fence around your front yard, made from the wood of that same tree.


Questioner: I can see that. I can feel that...


Where most of you are today; your parents, without even having to tell you – showed you by example – how to relate to your own body and other aspects of nature. For example: the moment you first saw your dad randomly kill a fly with a newspaper – or you heard your mother, stress the importance of you taking your supplements ‘or else you will get sick’ – These may seem small unimportant glimpses of a commonly shared reality within a family household.


But it is moments such as these; that, when looked at more closely; reveal humanities mental programming when it comes to your own connection with nature – now speaking in generalities of course. Many have painted a picture of nature as being something that cannot be trusted – that is ‘outside of you’ and that needs to be controlled, or otherwise it may turn into a threat.


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To be continued...


Arjun van de Yahyel


Wieteke Koolhof



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