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Wieteke Koolhof channeling Arjun of the Yahyel

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And so; Just like that; a political system based on the rigid guiding of its population, no matter how altruistic its intentions, fundamentally originates from fear. It basically states that; without this system; all hell would break loose – it imagines that without it: few of you would care for either nature or each other.


At the heart of any such system, lies an agreement based on



Whether spoken out loud or only felt from within – energetically - the people say: ‘we need this system to protect us and give us guidance’ and since this is the message they sent out, there will be others who step up and say: ‘alright then, let us offer you this guidance. Let us be the ones who tell you, the best possible way for you to live your life.’


The latter merely step up to fill a void, a vacuum, which has been opened up by the insecurity of the people. You see; by not knowing who you are – by doubting your validity or your innate connection to All That Is, you energetically create this void. An open space that automatically invites in others to reflect back to you – that which you were unknowingly seeking to find within yourself.


In other words: if you do not believe guidance can be found within the Self – others will step up and volunteer to give that guidance to you, whether it be by gently offering, or in a more intrusive manner.


Questioner: I get that. I do. But then wouldn’t you say that – the people in a totalitarian regime, are in ‘much deeper trouble’ so to speak,compared to those living in the capitalistic one?


Arjun: If you’d ask us - that energy of co-dependency, is present to varying degrees, in both the capitalistic system – as well as in the totalitarian one. They are just being expressed in different ways. Is measuring someone’s value by looking at the amount of money they make, not just another form of expressing a disconnect from the Greater self?


Questioner: Hmmm.


Arjun: However you choose to set up your politics; you are all naturally interconnected. You are ALL interconnected. This is exactly what you are now collectively beginning to realize. So, even though ‘that one country that lives under such a regime’ – may seem to be far, far away from you – whatever happens over there, does have a vibrational impact on the entire race.


And perhaps on some versions of Earth, the larger collective would never have fully realized that, until they got a little closer to the idea of having to live under such circumstances themselves...


Questioner: So all of this – could be seen as a wake up call?


Arjun: All of this - like any other challenge you – or anyone - may ever manifest for yourself – carries within itself – the ability to allow you to spiritually expand.


And, with your western world now wondering what is going on and tuning in to a wide range of new probabilities when it comes to your organisational structures... If any of this makes you feel uneasy like you said .... - (see part 1 of this blog) 


Questioner: yes...


Arjun: really, what that feeling reveals to you, is that you are greater than what you are choosing to belief to be true about the ideas now being suggested.


It is as if – in a sense you have already outgrown whatever you are being offered right now and it feels like trying on a jacket that is clearly too tight.


You sense that – beneath the surface layers of control and manipulation – beneath whatever is being suggested here to you; something - is missing. You intuitively sense the actual void that created the need for such systems to begin with. As we have said before; your increasing awareness - will not only bring you a more conscious access to higher frequency states of being – but will also allow you to become more consciously aware of the lower ones still present in your reality.


And so, in more than one way; that undefined gut feeling – can be seen as a personal wake up call indeed, attempting to get your conscious attention, inviting your entire species to find new words – to give expression to what you KNOW inside your hearts, is true. Inviting you to remember your natural inter-connectedness.


It invites you all - to tune in with that inner clarity and to let your hearts guide you.


 But also; to see others, who do not see like you yet – to see them where they are, in the roles they have decided to play, and to see if you can come from a place of light in your actions and responses to them.


All of you - naturally wish to create and interact from all levels – of your entire beingness. And by those levels we mean the physical, emotional, mental, and most certainly also the spiritual aspects of your Greater Self. Exclusion of any one of these, will create a disbalance in all the others eventually.


Since you are all made of consciousness – it lies within your nature to expand into an increasing awareness of your Self.


 Where you are now in your history; as a collective - many are now waking up to this.


Whether it is consciously or subconsciously – and  whether it is as a result from having grown up in the context of any specific political, cultural or religious system, or as a result from being introduced to such ideas for the very first time in your life today – none of this truly matters. The only thing that matters is that you are re-orienting.


And with that - you are dethatching from that, which you once knew seemed solid yet now seems unstable. You are dethatching perhaps even – from the type of tunnel-vision that allow you to buy into the limited belief systems that your society can only be organized in one political way or another.


 You have came up with the term thinking out of the box for a good reason.


You carry within yourself; the potential for building, gradually in phases or rapidly, an entirely new paradigm. And the more you allow yourself to let go of the old ways of thinking – the more effortlessly you allow yourself to shift vibrationally into that direction.


So the stranger things you see – the more cracks you believe are appearing in the old, the deeper you are inviting yourself to a state of surrender to your own Inner Knowingness...


For IN may perhaps seem the only place left to turn to at times. And if that is what you feel you need to do – then do so, and allow yourself to re-emerge anew again and again. Even lighter – even more open to new solutions, and even more ready to let go of that which no longer serves you – and even more ready to actively engage in that which does.


 Everything is energy, your individual journey creates ripples in the journey of the collective. Every single one of you contributes to the momentum of the whole. Until the so called ‘hundredth monkey effect’ – is being reached.


Do not let the rational mind limit you in your imagination as to what might be possible – for it can perhaps begin to envision – but it truly has no idea as to what may be possible. Your holy books have spoken of these times, There are solutions to all of your questions, some already present on your version of Earth, some hidden and some not yet present on your version of Earth but very much within the probabilities of your shifting-range so to speak.


 Many of you right now are in-between states so to speak - you are processing.


This means – that energetically – as you are letting go of old beliefs that no longer serve you - many doors are now opening, new alleys are becoming available to all of you, depending on how you choose to respond to your co-created circumstances.


You are on a threshold. Many of you are waking up to your inner Knowing. And so, no matter how crazy it may seem to the rational mind; this is the time to bring forth all of your playful, flowing, and out-of-the-box solutions.


Questioner: Wow that sounds great, but I can imagine a lot of people wouldn’t know where to start...


Arjun: The questions to ask yourself are:


❥ How will you allow this to manifest in your version of reality?


❥ How do you wish to ground your inner knowing?


❥ Where do you wish to place you attention upon?


❥ Can you allow your own inner Knowingness to guide you along the way - so that eventually: inner Knowing and physical action begin to walk in lockstep with each other?


Simply take one step at a time, whilst allowing your heart to guide you. With your heart as your guiding compass and your mind as its faithful servant.


In doing so you will find synchronicity point out to you; exactly what next steps, which ideas, people, information and so on, will serve you best in every single Here and Now moment.


Can you play with that?



Questioner: Yes, yes thank you and I can’t wait!!


 Enjoy this day! 


Arjun van de Yahyel


Channelled by: Wieteke Koolhof




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