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Channeling Arjun of the YahYel

Wieteke facilitates both group- and private sessions with Arjun, for anyone who resonates with this particular path of self-empowering & love-based information.


This is the intro-part of a group event by ARJUN of the YahYel (channeled by Wieteke Koolhof) recorded in Almere | The Netherlands | 12-12-2020


In this video


- Arjun dives deep into the idea of manifestation in our reality. Pointing out the inner-conversation between our Conscious and Subconscious parts and how this influences the things and events we eventually see 'manifest' in our 'Physical Dream' reality, as the Yahyel call it.


A big part of this transmission focusses on smoothing out the energy-frequency of resistance by using a particular permissionslip before sleeping, wherein we review our day and re-define every segment of it that doesn't serve us. 


NOTE 1: By the specific examples mentioned by Arjun (about 'witnessing conflicts' and choosing between dissapointment or relaxation after discovering being 'lied to' for instance, it feels as if we are being given some extra handles to surf the upcoming waves of transformation in our entry of the Age of Aquarius... ;)


NOTE 2: The YahYel let us know that information offered through this way, can be seen as a reflection of our own Higher Selves. In other words: they function as a mirror, for us to get to know ourselves better.

Wieteke Koolhof

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