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 I have no sexuality with my partner. Although I can live with that well, I keep asking myself: are there parts in me that are blocked and can I make a move in that?


There is an enormous amount of pain on sexuality in the feminine energy field. In fact, it is a miracle that so many women participate in sexuality at all. Due to the dominance of the masculine principle, the feminine has been snowed under, creating a mechanical and physical (unilaterally male) expression of sexuality.


In this "masculine" form of sexuality, there is no room for the feminine. Thus, for a long time it has been literally impossible for women to bring in their own being. On top of that, women carry a lot of wounding with them in the emotional field, especially in the belly.


Sexuality is a dance between the masculine and the feminine (between love and creation, between being and the action that comes from it). And sexuality is born in the feminine, in the sense of possibility. 


This joyful dance degenerated into an action - disconnected from the feminine. And then aspects of power came up. The man exerts power, but the woman does just as much, because it is nice for her to feel that she is desired. She too has begun to play with that. 


Descending into the belly


In the coming period, and we are talking about the coming centuries, you will rediscover this female sexuality. But first the feminine field has to be cleared of everything that pollutes and burdens it. And that means that old anger and exasperation, about how you have "surrendered" or "given away" yourself and about how your sexuality was taken from you, must now be addressed first.


 As you come to face your femininity more and more, you will also begin to feel how manacled this type of sexuality is. This is accompanied by sadness and anger.


If you descend into the belly field, you can feel what resistance still lives there. It may be that you are withdrawing energetically, or that in sexuality you are taking initiative in a way that is not in keeping with yourself. You will learn to keep in the middle there.


 But in order to do that, this feminine field first needs to be completely embraced, with all the painful debris that is still there.


By the way, there are individual differences. There are women and men (in whatever sexual composition) who are more balanced, so where the sexuality is more of an exchange between the feminine and the masculine. But as a collective you are all wounded in your sexuality. Above all, do not force yourself. Allow it to emerge, to the extent that it does, and take off any pressure of 'having to'. As you become aware of these feminine pain points, may you give yourself the space to do exactly what feels right for you.


Under current conditions, it is impossible to engage sexuality in a balanced way. 


The Field of Love


Geertje Smit





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