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In the yoni is your right to exist. Your right to exist as a human being, as a woman, as a mother. And exactly in the yoni most traumas are stored and that is also where you give yourself away first.


❥ On the way to the Divine Feminine, healing what is stored in the yoni is one of the most important steps.


When you cannot be fully present there, you continue to give yourself away there to get your existence from the other. The stream of energy that is allowed to flow in there then flows out. You then literally give the other person their right to exist instead of yourself. Even at the expense of yourself. Often in the hope of getting it back. That happens sexually. Not necessarily with sex. But in energy. And in the Yoni I encountered my Dark Feminine which was allowed to come back into the light.  


The yoni is the receiver


The yoni is by nature a receiver. From there the energy flows through the womb to the heart. Over the centuries the flow in the yoni has been reversed and started to give. Giving to be seen, giving to be allowed to be. From fear of abandonment, loneliness, not feeling safe. You name it. There are so many reasons.


Where you as a woman were looking for the man and started giving, the man started receiving. looking for the mother. Now that we are stepping back to the Divine, this may go back to receiving and then yourself first. In order to be able to do that, what old pain is still stored there may be purified, so that we can embody the woman as a whole. 


The holy trinity, the primal father (the Divine Male), the primal mother (the Divine Feminine) and the Divine Source can then come together in you.


Throughout the ages, women have been "perpetrators" and "victims. As women we have used the sexual energy to gain control over men and vice versa exactly the same. Are we "de-wife-t". "De-mother-d." Has our birthing energy been kept small. But vice versa we have "de-fathered" and "de-man-d" the man. 


Reversing the flow outward back inward opens these wounds so they can be healed. Especially now so important that we start taking this back. We are being triggered quite a bit in our 'allowed' to be a woman.


In this way my Yoni could be reconnected to my heart chakra, the female and male energy in me could start flowing in the right way again. The male energy in me was allowed to feed me again and the female energy in me was allowed to awaken my inner man again. Allowing this to start taking care of me again meant that I could start saying yes to myself again from my yoni. That also meant that I could more quickly say no to others and indicate my limits. There I found back the balance of my Dark and Light Feminine.


The Light and the Dark Feminine


In my yoni my Light and Dark Feminine came together again. Where the Light Feminine is the soft, sweet energy of the woman. Who can adapt, is fluid, somewhat naive and above all is very sweet, but without the Dark Feminine cannot indicate her limits, feels more easily victimized and is too caring for others and less likely to stand up for herself. 


Where the Dark Feminine is more in touch with her emotions, can allow anger, can indicate boundaries and can completely embrace her sexuality and the depth of the woman. But is also baring, mystical, spiritual. And can put herself down on earth. But can also override, bring down others and manipulate when not connected to the Light Feminine. Both may come into balance. Through healing of the own inner child pieces. And retrieving the female parts that we have shaken off because we could not do otherwise at that time. 


It was much easier to be a mother than a woman


The Light Feminine is more readily accepted, giving and caring. A bit of the mother. That is how she is preferred in religion and the various cultures. Easier for the male culture that prevailed. Because the feminine energy that is balanced is great. Creating, manifesting, birthing, fertile, mystical, spiritual and was deceiving for a very long time. The depth of her "being" so elusive.


 But that time has passed. The woman may be born again in herself and in the man exactly so


In me the Light feminine was out of balance. Thus I was always taking care of the inner child of the other. Taking care of balance in relationships. What the other did not pick up, I filled in. I put myself in the background and was looking for the man who could offer me the safety I could not reach. I was in everything a mother, no longer a woman. 


The Dark Feminine made me stand up for myself. By feeling her deeply, her emptiness, all her emotions and her anger deeply carved into my yoni and could allow her whole sexuality again. These emotions were deep. Her emptiness was deep. There was so much pain on her. The depth and emotions had many layers. And each layer in it was allowed to be felt through. 


I needed her to feel the wholeness in myself. Manifesting, creating, and allowing my inner woman in all her aspects was necessary. For it was much easier to be a mother than a wife and easier to be a victim than to take up the responsibility of my own life. 


The Dark Feminine


The Dark Feminine has long been tucked away, connected to the Goddess Lillith, she was rejected and kept small and the Light Feminine was instead brought to the fore. This made the woman feel small. She felt rejected on her emotions, her depth and her sexuality. Her Dark Feminine was reviled, made out to be a whore, a witch, a snake. Bound to Goddess Lillith banished to the depths of the sea. 


 Especially now in these times, it is important to allow her in again, to embrace the woman in us in all aspects. De-escalating and de-shaming her in all layers, so she can take back her power.


Marlêne Evertz





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