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Being alone is not just your path to truth. It's everyone's path.


It is the only path.


Your whole approach, from the very beginning, has been "wrong."


First, life is a reason in itself


 The moment you make something/someone else a reason for living, you are on the "wrong" path. 


Making something else/someone else a reason for living is a very wrong approach to looking at things, to looking at others.


Everybody's father dies sooner or later. Everybody's mother dies sooner or later. Everyone's child, friend, partner, lover, dies sooner or later.


You have not lived for yourself.


You have always NEEDED someone else as a REASON to live. That reason can disappear at any moment. Your wife can fall in love with someone else at any moment, your husband can cheat on you and exchange you for someone else, your child can no longer want contact with you, a loved one can die, even an animal can give you a REASON for living. And even an animal will die one day. We all get sick, loved ones get sick and fall away.


Your business can go bankrupt, your house can burn down, you can lose your job, you can lose your belongings and your home and become homeless.


As soon as you make something other than your OWN being REASONABLE for living, you insult yourself. You are humiliating yourself. And this kind of humiliation is supported....


Your parents supported this. Every parent wishes their children to live for them. It is a very strange wish, a very strange request, because if this wish is fulfilled then nobody can live in this world.


You must then live for your father, live for your mother, and your father must again live for his father, and your mother for her mother. Your child must live for you, and your grandchildren must live for their parents and their grandparents.


 But no one lives for himself, and unless you live for yourself, you can find NO joy. No true happiness at all. 


You have degraded your life. You have lost your dignity, your self-respect.


Your parents should live for themselves and they should die for themselves. You can NOT live for your parents, you cannot die for and with your parents. And this is what man does. One lives and dies with one's loved ones. We suffer when someone dies, something in us dies with them. We do not really live at all. We do not die consciously. We suffer continuously.


How can you live the life of another?


It does not offend the other person when you live for yourself. If parents would have real understanding, they help their children to be independent of them. If lovers have true understanding, they help each other to be detached, in freedom, in unconditional love, independent of each other.


This so that there is NO fixation such as a mother bond, father bond, husband-wife bond, child-parent bond, animal-boss bond, friend-friend bond.


ALL fixations (bindings/trapped) come from a pathological mind.


Only freedom and living totally for yourself is a sign of spiritual health.


You will need to learn to live for yourself. You will have to learn to live alone.


 Otherwise you will be a prisoner of another forever. And this is very unhealthy.


The emptiness that lives in each of us can never be filled by another. Filling that void with others is a sickly, selfish thing to do.


You need to be cured of this disease. Others should help you do this, others should NOT feed this.


When others feed and maintain this, they do it purely out of self-interest, it comes from the same emptiness that you are experiencing.


A healthy soul asks nothing from others, desires nothing from others, needs nothing from others. A healthy soul has dissolved the emptiness within itself. A healthy soul is whole of itself. A healthy soul does not interfere with others and does not concern itself with others.


A healthy soul only gives. Only shares.


A healthy soul lives in abundance, and a healthy soul overflows with love, happiness, peace, tranquility and truth.


A healthy soul can very well be alone, a healthy soul is fully healed, balanced, completely independent, and this healthy soul lives consciously and dies consciously.


In freedom. 


In truth.


In love.


In bliss.


One and whole. 


As radiant consciousness.




Rani Savitri


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