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We have entered an exciting phase. The Diamond Light is now flowing exuberantly through the Earth Grid and the collective human consciousness, and this Light is forcing the dark forces to the surface, forcing them to make choices that will bring them into the open no matter what, either by surrender or by resistance and desperate action.


 Their primary tool, the power of illusion, is rapidly being taken from them.


After a period of centuries in which illusion became stronger and stronger, with an increase in rationalism, materialism, and atheism, it is now being broken down at high speed, overwhelmingly marking the end of a cycle and ushering in a transition to a new era.


There is nothing to stop Divine Truth from revealing itself ever more strongly and visibly, exposing the remnants of the inverted Matrix


By the inverted Matrix is meant a holographic reality construction that hides Divine, Multidimensional Truth, that turns truth upside down, making nothing what it seems.


 This inverted Matrix has a power structure in which only the top knows the truth of this "illusion-generator", below that is the executive staff, who in a certain ignorance on a "need-to-know basis" carry out the orders to maintain that Matrix. 


It is generally accepted as a fact, even within psychological science, that humans live primarily from their subconscious. This is also a multidimensional reality which the unseen forces of the inverted Matrix gratefully use and abuse, constantly influencing, directing and manipulating people's thoughts and emotions from behind the veils, and transmitting messages and programming, particularly through media and entertainment, which gives the collective unconscious impulses to use its creative power to achieve their agenda.


 Politics, of course, is also an ideal area in which to exert such influence and control in order to steer social policy in the direction of that agenda. 


Forces behind the veils constantly follow the corruptible entrances they can find in the consciousness of politicians, through egoism, ambition, vanity, greed, fear of losing face and humiliation, etc. Their idealism is also an important entry point, because naive idealism is a valuable way for them to get people to work for them, thinking they are doing good for the world while in their ignorance, compartmentalized on their functions and specialties, they are pushing a very different agenda, which on a conscious level they would not support at all.


In 2007, I was visiting a lightworker who told me what kind of work he was doing. He told me that he was constantly being led to step out of his body and travel with his astral body to the House and Senate buildings in Washington DC. There, in the halls where the politicians were debating, he saw large numbers of Reps, who, invisible to the politicians, were busy manipulating and sabotaging all interactions between the politicians, thus creating division. He was always led to place large ethereal crystals in those halls, to limit their corrupting influence, which was particularly important in the making of large, political decisions.


The occasion for this post was my visit to the cinema recently.


For the first time in 2.5 years we decided to go to the movies again, Dr. Strange part 2, to be exact. My inner child loves stories laced with magic and multidimensionality. However, the most surreal experience I had was not while watching the movie, but during the advertisements for it. One of the commercials was a bizarre promotional video from the United Nations. I had not seen it before on TV or on social media. In this clip, a dinosaur spoke to the UN about how humanity is headed for extinction if it continues the way humanity is handling the climate.


 This video is a strong example of how the inverted matrix works.


It has several layers, all of which are highly programmatic, and in which the lower layers are focused on destructive creative power. The most innocent layer is the top layer. This layer reflects the well-meaning intentions of the UN staff involved who made this video, wherein in their idealism and "climate-change" beliefs they believe they are doing the world a favor by getting this message out in this way, creatively using digital technology and the history of dinosaur extinction.


This upper layer is the layer that motivated the UN staff on a conscious, personal level to produce the film. This upper layer is also what it took for the influencing forces behind the scenes to get the UN staff to make the film, using their idealism and beliefs. Beneath this, however, lies a layer in which they are not aware, or only slightly aware, of the vibrational effects of the film. The video has a lowering effect on the frequency when one blindly follows the illusion and does not look at it from a waking consciousness. It affects feelings of fear, guilt, anger, frustration and indignation. 


Beneath that is another layer, which to me makes it clear that we have really entered a phase in which larger realities are opening up and in which we are going to experience that "truth is stranger than fiction".


This layer sends a message in which the Reps want to make it appear that they are still "in control" (which they are not).


 An image in which a Rep addresses the UN, it is truly the ultimate display of power from race to race. However, it also speaks of a desperation, that they make themselves known in this way, as if it is now serious and all or nothing, as if they felt it necessary to intervene in this way and lock humanity back into the illusion, which is not going to happen again. 


The next and final carpet pad is the most destructive and lies not in the images but in the words "Don't choose extinction". As everyone is well aware, the subconscious mind knows no negative words, like "none" and "not". Look at what is left of the message then, and you see what programming is trying to be pushed through.


The timing of the publication of this video is no coincidence, noting 12 days after the so-called "End Time" formally arrived (October 15, 2021), as I understand it. These forces are trying to put one last spin on the evolution of human collective consciousness in their favor, and it is up to humanity not to allow this and to use its creative power consciously and positively. By collectively choosing for light and love, continuing to raise the own frequency, opening the heart, and consciously keeping the Christ Consciousness and a Paradise New Earth in front of (third) eyes. But especially by opening the Mind, because that is the first step, a teacher once told me.


"Opening your mind is the first step to greater realities"


It's not climate measures that are going to be the deciding factor for the future of humanity, but the ability to see through that Matrix, to step out of the illusion, allowing you to stay in control of your consciousness and no longer allow yourself to be led astray, even when you watch movies like this one.


 Nothing is what it seems in the inverted matrix. Open your mind, the rest will follow. 


And finally, yes, in the end ALL is illusion, and the outside world is just a mirror, and negative forces are just actors in a story to help your consciousness evolve.


The moment you can take those forces into your heart as well, then all duality melts around us. But before that happens, it's good to see through the illusion first, and then turn inward, examining what pain and what judgments are exposing the triggers in that outside world within oneself.


 Ultimately, we change the outer world through transformation of our inner world, and not the other way around.


Maxim Lazet


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