The highest you can give
Humanity doesn’t need saints and guru’s who teach from a pulpit or pedestal, but real flesh and blood people who have experienced darkness and light by themselves and are able to embrace both without judgment.

Discovering the meaning of suffering
Jeshua will clarify how the soul is attracted to what it wants to learn. It attracts circumstances that put its blind spots center stage. The soul attracts darkness (crises, challenges) to enable itself to shine light on it. The basic engine behind this creation process is still Emotion but as you mature and move into higher levels of evolution, the basic engine becomes Consciousness.

How the astral world affects us
How the astral world influences us, and how we can detach ourselves from it and break the hold it has on us, is what this piece is about.

Vibrational co-dependency
As an energetically-sensitive empath, I spent the majority of my childhood confusing my personal feelings with the experiences of others. It was common for me to believe I wasn’t liked or “good enough”, since the emotional discord I sensed in others was interpreted as their opinion of me.

You never are to sensitive
If you are a highly sensitive person, chances are that you are facing feelings and thoughts that this world you’re currently in is too hard and demanding for you. You may feel all that is happening with more intensity, and think that you won’t be able to maintain your softness, openness and vulnerability...

Arcturian message July 2024 - 1
Many base their limited concepts of sexuality on the old testament of the bible forgetting that much of the old testament referred to the issues and states of awareness of those particular times. The bible has been translated, interpreted, reinterpreted, and misinterpreted over time by many different individuals who however pure their intent, could only work from the level of their attained state of consciousness.

The seeds of Christ Consciousness
Often people try to escape their inner darkness. Don’t see your inner darkness or pain as your enemy. See it like a child or children who have become lost and frightened. Turn towards them and face them. Hold your torch of light. If you do this you will instantly feel an increase in your own power, your force.

Cosmic Connections - 2
When you get to the other side of the veil, one of the first things you will hear is the love song from God that you might say plays continuously all the time in this universe. It’s a reminder of your magnificence of who you are, of the love that is so strong that it’s everywhere all the time.

Cosmic Connections - 1
Is intuition from God? All the channelings this month, we’re going to be talking about cosmic connections. This particular subject is being expanded. This is a complex answer, Dear Ones.

A time for celebration
I would like to tell you that this is a time for celebration. I know that many of you still have doubts and fears about choices you have to make in your life. But Christ consciousness is awakening in all your hearts like a flame. It is still very tender, but it is there; it is awakening.

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