Feel carried by the wind of life ♥ Pamela Kribbe ♥ Lightraisers Worldwide

A reflection on the male energy ♥ Gerrit Gielen ♥ Lightraisers Worldwide
Dictators, rulers, bosses, generals - they all want men who are obedient, who follow blindly, not men who have attuned to their inner boy. That is why the little boy in the man is unwelcome. The boy quickly gets told that he should not be a dreamer. He must be prepared for a life in society, a life of responsibility, take a nine to five office job. The fire should only be lived in a passive way.

The Atlantis heritage ♥ Pamela Kribbe ♥ Lightraisers Worldwide

The love of the Earth ♥ Pamela Kribbe ♥ Lightraisers Worldwide

Male and Female Energy ♥ Pamela Kribbe ♥ Lightraisers

A time for celebration ♥ Pamela Kribbe ♥ Lightraisers

The Garden of Eden ♥ Pamela Kribbe ♥ Lightraisers

The energy of the new Earth ♥ Gerrit Gielen ♥ Lightraisers
“What makes this time (1950 – 2070 approximately) special is that there are two different cycles of consciousness coming to an end: a personal cycle (or a set of personal cycles) and a planetary cycle. The completion of these cycles coincides, so that one reinforces the other.” From “The Jeshua Channelings” by Pamela Kribbe

The case for being human ♥ Pamela Kribbe ♥ Lightraisers

The awakening process on Earth ♥ Pamela Kribbe ♥ Lightraisers
When you incarnate, you take a plunge into the deep, you surrende; you allow uyourself to be flooded by the impressions of a new life. And your earthly personality becomes conditioned and formed by the many impressions you receive. But in you is also a still place, a quiet space, that comes straight from your soul.

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