To be followed from the comfort of your own comfy space: home. Meditation and channeling by Pamela Kribbe and Gerrit Gielen.


The soul’s journey towards conscious creation


It is often said that “you create your own reality”, but the essential question is which part of you creates or attracts what happens to you.

The biggest issue that we are all facing is how to go from unconscious attraction to conscious creation.

The Lightworker's Journey


In this series, Pamela will offer channelings from Jeshua on the nature, history and destination of lightworker souls. 

If you have not yet read The lightworker series, it is helpful to read it first. This topic has been addressed comprehensively in the book The Jeshua Channelings and in The Lightworker Series on

Free workshop: The fire of the soul

 Inner journey through the chakras with Mary Magdalene.

Get in touch with your soul’s fire inside the seven centers (chakras) of your energy field


❥ Discover and understand your weaknesses: where the fire is too strong or excessive, where it is weak or absent


 Restore a balanced flow of fire and connect your chakras with your soul’s wisdom and inspiration.