The fire of the soul

Inner journey through the seven chakras with Mary Magdalene

 Get in touch with your soul’s fire inside the seven centers (chakras) of your energy field


 Discover and understand your weaknesses: where the fire is too strong or excessive, where it is weak or absent


 Restore a balanced flow of fire and connect your chakras with your soul’s wisdom and inspiration





Every human being carries a fire within. It is the fire of the soul. This fire holds your life force and creativity.


The fire of the soul is originally spiritual, not physical, in nature, however it is deeply connected with the body. It is present at different levels in your body: there is the fire of the belly, the fire of the heart and the fire of the head.


If we tune into the physical manifestation of the soul’s fire, we can even distinguish between seven levels. There are seven energy centers or chakras, located along the spine, all of which carry a fire within them, which is in a certain condition. The fire can burn brightly and cause turmoil; it can also be weak or nearly extinguished. Ot it can burn gently and steadily. The condition of the fire can be different from one chakra to another.


Each chakra represents a particular life theme:


1. Root chakra : grounding and security


2. Navel chakra : relations, emotions and sexuality


3. Solar plexus : personal boundaries, willpower and manifestation


4. Heart chakra: love, universal and personal


5. Throat chakra: communication, self-expression


6. Third eye: intuition and clairvoyance


7. Crown chakra: knowledge and wisdom

In a balanced state, the fire in each chakra can be felt as a soft glow: warm, vital and at the same time clear and calm. In this state, the chakra is under the guidance of the soul; it is inspired by higher vibrations such as joy, trust and patience.


When we look at how your soul’s fire flows in your energy field, we also need to take into account the connection between the seven chakras. The chakras do not function in isolation; they are influenced by each other.


The spine can be regarded as the connection or bridge between all the chakras. The spine acts as a channel for the soul’s energy and by exploring your chakras internally with a loving and open awareness, you help restore the spine’s role as an energetic bridge between the individual parts. Your awareness connects and heals.


What are we going to do?


During the workshop, Pamela will channel Mary Magdalene, who will take you on a healing journey along all seven chakras. She invites you to be present in each chakra with full awareness and with an open heart. That means she will guide you to receive images, information and intuitive guidance from your own energy field and offer tools to interpret and understand what you see and sense.


Mary Magdalene explains in her own words:


“Often you are afraid of your own inner self, of the emotions that may come up, or images that distress you. This fear is unjustified. Everything that is unconscious ultimately wants to move toward the light. To the light of understanding and consciousness. That IS the inner journey of the soul. If you hold that back, you delay the journey, and your growth.


I ask you not to let fear hold you back, and trust that on this journey you will encounter exactly what wants to be seen and discovered NOW. Trust the rhythm of your soul.


Do not be afraid of the dark, of disturbances you find in the chakras. By connecting with the dark, by actively saying YES to it, you attract balance. Through your willingness to face everything, you will get answers, and again it is important that you trust what presents itself in your consciousness.”


About the method


When we explore our own energy field with our imagination and intuition, the language we work with is often visual in nature. You see images, which are symbolic or factual in nature. An image is symbolic when it refers to something else: for example, you see a scared or lonely child in a chakra and that refers to the emotion of fear or loneliness in you. The child symbolizes an emotion. Factual images refer to something that really happened, either in this life or in a past one. You can see a past event that is still touching and affecting you today. If images originate from a past life, or from your early childhood, you often have no way of knowing if what you are seeing really happened. It is then difficult to determine whether the image is symbolic or factual. In that case, it is best to concentrate on its symbolic value. Instead of trying to figure out exactly what happened, it is better to focus on the emotional and psychological effects of what you perceive.


On any inner journey, it is first and foremost about your state of mind, your emotional reactions to whatever happened. Even if you spontaneously go into regression and start seeing events from a past that you cannot consciously remember, stay focused on what it has to say to you NOW and what wants to be dealt with and understood NOW. During the channelings, you will also receive suggestions for this.


The aim of this method is to free you from old emotional burdens and to remove the sharpest edges. The goal is to allow the fire of the soul to again flow freely in the chakras and to reconnect the areas of belly, heart and head.


You can use the audio files to repeat the inner journey as many times as you want. Sometimes the results are substantial, and you experience a psychological breakthrough, other times you receive subtle clues or hints. Have patience and trust. Each time, new insights will reveal themselves. The journey of the soul has its own natural rhythm and flow.


You will receive


❥ 7 channelings from Mary Magdalene channeled by Pamela Kribbe about each specific chakra and 1 bonus channeling from (Mother) Mary. You will also receive the transcripts of the channelings.