The Lightworker's Journey

By Pamela Kribbe and Gerrit Gielen.


From the moment I started channeling Jeshua, back in 2002, he made it clear that his messages through me were meant to reach lightworker souls.


I thought this sounded rather elitist, so I asked why? The main reason, he said, is that many lightworker souls have forgotten who they are. They got caught up in mainstream fear based consciousness, in addition to carrying a quite heavy load of painful past life experiences.



When lightworkers forget about themselves, they start to feel anxious, insecure and depressed, because they cannot fit into mainstream consciousness and they either blame themselves or feel like an angry or powerless victim of a cruel world. Jeshua wants to remind lightworkers of who they are, what makes them different, and how to rekindle their light and express it peacefully and joyfully.


The Lightworker’s Journey


In this series, Pamela will offer channelings from Jeshua on the nature, history and destination of lightworker souls. This topic has been addressed comprehensively in the book The Jeshua channelings and in The Lightworker Series on


The upcoming series of channelings addresses the topic anew and aims to highlight in particular:


what is important for lightworkers to know now, at this point in time, as humanity is impacted by deep changes and challenges


 what are the most persistent fears and obstacles that keep lightworkers from embracing their light and expressing it


 in what way lightworkers are different and cannot fit into mainstream consciousness, and how to cope with ‘being different’


 your soul’s purpose for this lifetime, from the perspective of your larger journey as a lightworker soul through many past incarnations


Pamela's channelings of Jeshua will be preceded by an introduction and meditation from Gerrit.


 The online lectures of these series can be joined separately. Attending one does not require knowledge of the previous ones. However, it will be helpful to read The lightworker series as background.