Mother Mary will invite you to let go of the outer layers of your being, your everyday thoughts, worries, concerns, and travel with her to your essence: the being you are outside of space-time, free and unbound by material and mental limitations.


You will be taken to the heavenly place where you will go after dying, and meet your future Self. This future Self is able to look back on the lifetime you are living here and now. It has no fear and accepts all you have done and will do. Your future Self is really your Soul, who is free to travel through time, and can speak to you from beyond this lifetime, throwing new light on choices you are facing in the present.


Receive your Soul’s loving guidance, and absorb the peaceful frequency of heaven, as you go on this inner journey with Mary.

 This month, the audio message will be accompanied by a (10-15 min) video message from Pamela channeling mother Mary. The video transmits Mary’s energy in a more direct and non-verbal way, enabling you to connect more deeply with a frequency of peace and healing.


Remember your true self


 Sunday June 18 2023 at 08:00 pm CEST (Amsterdam)

 Introductory meditation by Gerrit Gielen

 Pamela Kribbe channels mother Mary

 Receive from your own nice place: at home

The lightworker serie I


Monthly messages for lightworkers



This is a time of intens collective transformation from ego to heart


We are letting go of fear based consciousness and are moving towards a consciousness of love and abundance. During this transition there is a lot of confusion, insecurity and sometimes despair.

The most important support in these times of change is to recognize the voice of your own soul and feel that you are included in a field of kindred spirits. The monthly messages provide information on current issues in the lives of lightworkers and include you in a field of awareness and compassion.

Each month the channeled messages are aligned with the energy of the present moment, but will regulary address central lightworker themes such as:


 Emotional healing of old pain

 Loneliness and being different

 High sensitivity

 Soul encounters

  Destructive versus healing relationships


 Finding the work of your heart

 Fear of self-expression


❥ Coming into your power and discovering your soul’s path


Each time the message channeled by Pamela is complemented by a meditation from Gerrit.

Besides conveying timely information, the monthly messages also aim to connect you with like-minded people who are walking a similar path as you.


The messages are released every third Sunday of the month by Lightraisers Worldwide and listened to together, creating a field of recognition and loving connection.



Archive audio channelings

The inner child as guide
April 2023, Channeling Mother Mary

Healthy and unhealthy forms of anger in lightworkers
March 2023, Channeling Jeshua

Balancing your heart center
February 2023, Channeling Mary Magdalene

 The Art of Self Love
November 20, 22 Channeling Mother Mary

 Dealing with the suffering of others
October 16, 22 Channeling Jeshua

 Gaia speaks: message from the animal kingdom
September 18, 22 Channeling Mother Earth

 Fear and depression in lightworkers
August 21, 22 Channeling Jeshua

 How to prepare for death and the afterlife consciously
July 17, 22 Channeling Jeshua

 Releasing your family’s energy
June 19, 22 Channeling Mother Earth

Healing journey with Mother Mary
May 15, 22 Channeling mother Mary

❥ The origin of toxic masculinity
April 17, 22 Channeling Jeshua

❥ Your highest contribution to this world
March 22 Channeling Jeshua

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