Releasing your family's energy

❥ Channeling Sunday June 19 2022, 08:00 PM CEST by Pamela Kribbe and Gerrit Gielen


We are born into the blueprint of our parent's beliefs, emotional habits and family background

The soul chooses to be born to specific parents, and take on their genetic makeup, dispositions and cultural mindset, for several reasons: 1. There may be abilities and opportunities here that the soul benefits from, 2. There may be (severe) challenges that the soul wants to endure in order to learn and grow.


Lightworker souls yearn to express themselves from the heart and do so by transcending the fear or ego based part of their family's energy. The soul does its lightwork by going beyond the family blueprint insofar as its based on fear. The light work happens as the soul transforms the old from the inside out. Releasing your birth family's fear and control based energy helps the family line and collective consciousness as a whole move from ego based to heart based awareness.


 Many lightworkers feel like strangers inside their own birth family, they feel different and misunderstood and suffer psychologically from this.

Jeshua will point out how the loneliness and the sense of betrayal that may arise when you distance yourself from your family, are actually part of your soul's journey. To release your parents' or family's energy is to go within and retrace your soul's roots: your cosmic origin which predates and goes beyond your earthly personality.

To release your family's energy is to reorient yourself from the past to the future, Your future


Jeshua addresses questions such as: how to keep a sense of harmony after you 'drop out', how to deal with negativity and hostility, how to release guilt or a too strong sense of empathy, pity and responsibility, and how to overcome the need to be accepted, understood, loved by your family for who you are.

Releasing your family's energy

❥ Sunday June 19 2022, 08:00 PM CEST

❥ Introduction and meditation by Gerrit Gielen

❥ Pamela Kribbe channels Jeshua

❥ € 11,-

Monthly messages for lightworkers


This is a time of intens collective transformation from ego to heart

We are letting go of fear based consciousness and are moving towards a consciousness of love and abundance. During this transition there is a lot of confusion, insecurity and sometimes despair.

The most important support in these times of change is to recognize the voice of your own soul and feel that you are included in a field of kindred spirits. The monthly messages provide information on current issues in the lives of lightworkers and include you in a field of awareness and compassion.

Each month the channeled messages are aligned with the energy of the present moment, but will regulary address central lightworker themes such as:


 Emotional healing of old pain

 Loneliness and being different

 High sensitivity

 Soul encounters

 Destructive versus healing relationships

❥ Finding the work of your heart

 Fear of self-expression


 Coming into your power and discovering your soul’s path 

Each time the message channeled by Pamela is complemented by a meditation from Gerrit

Besides conveying timely information, the monthly messages also aim to connect you with like-minded people who are walking a similar path as you.

The messages are released every third Sunday of the month by Lightraisers Worldwide and listened to together, creating a field of recognition and loving connection.


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