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 By now it is becoming increasingly clear to many. Democracy is an empty principle, the rule of law a wash.


Together doomed to keep the citizens sweet, while meanwhile the, now also mentioned by the MainStreamMedia, party cartel does exactly what they feel like doing.


The checks and balances built into our state system, building on the ideas of the trias politica of the French philosopher Montesquieu, seem mainly designed to be able to cover up government failure. 


With the term De l'esprit des lois : 'On the spirit of the laws', Montesquieu introduced the principle that it is best if there is a balance between the legislative, executive and judicial powers. In short: a separation of powers. 


In the Netherlands and many other countries there is no such thing. Not only in the organization not, there is more of a dispersion of powers. 


 Also in the implementation it is becoming increasingly clear that independence is by no means an issue. Political interests are interwoven in every branch, in every segment and in every layer of our society.


And not only from political parties.


Also, for example, when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, technocratic corporations and certain international NGOs. They all strive to infiltrate all strata of the population in order to carry through their message, their vision and their agenda. 


In the vaccine safety summit 2019, this was also confirmed


To increase the willingness to take vaccinations, there had to be a vigorous campaign of infiltration into society. 


In continuation of this thought, you can now also see the child centers inspired by the principle of inclusiveness being stamped out of the ground. Under the guise of "it takes a village to raise a child," the burden on parents is ostensibly lightened. 


However, the truth is that the child's interest in a safe harmonious, stable and adaptive environment is violated. The child is left out in the cold emotionally. They are disengaged from the parents, who are trapped in the stranglehold of the system with no way to go. 


Meanwhile, in the context of safety and convenience, every humanity and human action is left to artificial intelligence and control systems, and we are getting further and further away from the norms and values appropriate to the light our souls. 


We illuminate the streets en masse with artificial light, our inner pass is increasingly obscured


 The democratic society with its illusion of equality, freedom and security is on the verge of collapse. With rising inflation, the gigantic increase in the cost of daily living, external threats and constant fear propaganda, the tide seems to be turning.


And that is just as well. We are currently experiencing firsthand that this form of society does not serve the common good or the future of the earth. We can no longer deny it. No longer can we walk around it and look the other way. 


We are at the edge of the cliff.


The beauty of that is, we were all born to do that


We have all been able to fill the necessary backpack in recent years, in our lives, we have an inner parachute that will carry us, we have even chosen to do this on some life. 


Before us lies the dark gaping hole that frightens so many. Thick layers of mists conceal the depths. A strong wind blows. Sunbeams do not yet penetrate the clouds. Sometimes we are startled by a fierce thunder and lightning, wet by a downpour or hit by the icy cold. 


We stand at the edge. Or maybe still a few feet from it. From behind, we feel the pressure increasing. We are forced to go to the precipice. Forced to jump and leave behind what was familiar.


The question is, can you?


 Can you let go of what you have believed all along?


 That which you have relied on? That which you thought was right?


All those stories, all those beliefs, all those systems, they no longer serve us. What lies ahead, however, is uncertain, unknown, still invisible to many.


It requires trust. In yourself. In your parachute. In the light, the universal power, in life.


Letting go of who you thought you were and jumping into the deep dark black nothingness. Not only because you are used to being in control, but also because you will be floating in that nothingness for a while and most are not used to just being present in the infinite consciousness.


For some, the jump seems to come sooner than expected. They don't feel ready. They still feel fear. Afraid that their parachute will not open and they will crash. They experience restlessness, their minds working overtime. What if? How then? What should I do?


One lesson is letting go. Trusting. Being. Perhaps the greatest ever


 We're ready.


 Let's jump.


Dive into the unknown. Enjoy the free fall. Then pull on your parachute and feel how you are carried. Let yourself drift with where the elements take you and pull the strings to adjust if you want to.


In this way we leave behind the false reality


The world of our hearts awaits us.




Eveline van Dongen





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