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The appearance of the Matrix movie has not been a random creation. It has been a carefully orchestrated project of the Spiritual World to introduce new concepts into the collective, human consciousness.


Our minds were allowed, through a fictional story, to get used to and open up to the idea, that there are larger realities than those we perceive, and that there are forces at play that hold Earth and humanity in a small, delineated illusionary reality.


The timing of this was not coincidental either, around 1999 the ascension process really got going solidly.


This collective ascension process of Earth and humanity involves the movement from the third dimension to the fifth dimension.


The universe consists of many dimensions, as frequency bandwidths, and within astronomical cycles planets make upward and downward movements within those dimensions. Our solar system has entered a new quadrant within the Milky Way through which it receives more Light from the Galactic Center, and therefore has been forced to go through an accelerated evolution. This explains why we are now seeing social systems breaking down before our eyes that do not resonate with this new Light.


 But if we are moving from the third dimension (3D) to the fifth dimension (5D), what about the fourth dimension?


I see that question come up quite often, hence this blog. We as humanity have been moving through that fourth dimension on a collective level for the past 20 years. Because the Earth itself is making this movement, it is forcing all life on Earth and therefore humanity to go through the same process. But in addition to being a collective process, it is also an individual process, in which everyone has free will and responsibilities. It is up to each person whether one wants to make this movement or not. If one does not want to make this movement, one will incarnate after this life on another 3D planet.


Dozens of religions and indigenous cultures have long known of this transitional time, Christianity calls this time "The End Times."


For a long time people have been blinded to the date of the end of December 2012, but this process covers a longer period of time and is not over yet.


 It is important to look at this End Time positively, for it is not an end, but a new beginning, the dawning of a period of more Light, in which the illusion and duality of the past millennia will be stopped.


Meanwhile, the Earth itself has successfully gone through this process, and there is a small group of people who have already made the choice for the fifth dimension and have also gone through this process. However, the majority of humanity is still in the middle of this process. We are really in the decisive years at this point in time for people who are going to determine whether or not they are going to go to the fifth dimension. They will be increasingly confronted by the crumbling, societal systems with the fact that this accumulation of crises is no coincidence and something of a higher order is going on.


The choices that one makes now are therefore very important.


At the same time, it is good not to get stressed about this and realize that in the end everything is always right as it is.


 The eternity of existence knows no errors and no haste, it knows only experiences, about which there is no judgment, and a single astronomical cycle of thousands of years is like a drop in an ocean in terms of time.


We are all immortal souls, and the only drama we experience is that resulting from attachment and identification with our ego-personality and the temporary, mortal forms we assume.


Everything is consciousness, and all external reality is a reflection, a projected externalization of our internal reality. The dimensions thus exist both within ourselves and outside ourselves.


Our evolution takes place by engaging with the dimensions within ourselves, and beginning to transform them, to enlighten them


The mirroring of external reality helps us in uncovering the unfreedoms within our consciousness, within our inner dimensions. Our reactions to the external world, society and the people around us, are always telling us what is going on within ourselves.


 For example, anger and indignation at injustice in the outside world indicates the presence of pain and trauma within ourselves.


To enter the fifth dimension, you must move through the fourth dimension. This is the area of the red pill of the Matrix. This is a real and not easy, inner experience that awaits one. One should actually take this much more literally than the apparent metaphor it appears to be. So, like all dimensions, the fourth dimension has an existence both within ourselves and outside ourselves, but the fourth dimension outside ourselves is not, for humans, a physical space that we have to traverse.


It is an etheric or astral space, which our consciousness does experience, and in which we mentally and emotionally experience all kinds of things, but our physical existence does not experience it. In this respect it is a non-physical transition dimension for us to the fifth dimension, which we do experience externally physically. The fourth dimension has sub-dimensions, in the lower sub-dimensions Darkness is dominant, and in the upper sub-dimensions of the fourth dimension Light is dominant. At its core, the movement through the fourth dimension is the opening of the fourth chakra, the heart chakra.


Taking the red pill is like an inner exploration of the heart chakra, in which one searches for the light within oneself, opening and unfolding the heart, by reaching the higher sub-dimensions within the fourth dimension within oneself. To leave the shadow layers therein and step into the sun layers. To transcend fear and get into love. And also, to learn to see through the illusion (of the Matrix) and step into the truth. It is a switch from fear, illusion and duality, to love, truth and oneness, within oneself.


What one encounters in that exploration can be quite disappointing at first


One is asked to open one's mind to new possibilities, and one is asked to set naiveté aside.


You are asked to open your mind to a greater and bleaker reality than daily life and the mainstream media present.


One is asked to feel one's fears, one is forced to stop trusting in outward appearances and an external authority.


The mirroring outside world helps in this and exposes the triggers in oneself.


Because that outside world turns out to be paler, more corrupt and more untruthful than one would have thought possible. However, that outside world has the same fears that one is exploring within oneself in this process, and as a result of those fears, people start looking for power and control in that outside world, as an artificial fulfillment and reassurance, to compensate for inner emptiness and lovelessness.


 People start learning that the economy is set up to keep people poor, education is set up to keep people stupid, religion is set up to keep people away from their divinity, politics is set up to keep people powerless, the medical and food industries are set up to keep people unhealthy, and science is set up to maintain the material worldview. 


At some point in that exploration, one may be brought into contact with larger, spiritual realities.


Such as the existence of extraterrestrial life, or the fact that the powerful of the world engage in occult affairs, thus indicating that they themselves believe in this greater spiritual reality, but withholding it from the general public to keep them ignorant.


And one can learn that the Matrix is not just a metaphor or a label for social injustice, but a truly existing, multi-dimensional mechanism, which serves to keep humanity small and in illusion.


One learns that other dimensions also have life forms that humans cannot perceive with their five senses, and that there are life forms that also exercise power and control over humans unseen. One learns that "the paranormal" actually appears to be normal, and that its absence, cosmically speaking, is precisely the exception to the rule.


This process can be a confrontational, uncomfortable and shocking journey of discovery, depending on how much fear one carries in the heart and illusion in the mind


One finds out that one's whole life has been lied to by the system. One finds out that life is not finite and there is a responsibility with one that just continues after this life. One finds out that one actually appears to have much less control over life than one thought. And one finds out that if one continues this exploration, one is forced to change, one becomes a social non-conformist, and one cannot go back to one's previous, quiet, static life.


For people who are in this 4D process, which is currently just about the entire world population, four possible scenarios can play out during this process:


 1) Or they choose to close themselves off beforehand, put their head in the sand (cognitive dissonance), and try to continue their normal, earthly life while around them the social system collapses.


 2) Or they decide to get a taste of that greater reality, but shoot in a fear, resistance and confusion, recoil, and still close themselves off to it, because they don't want to live in that "negativity", while around them the social system is collapsing.


 3) Or they taste that greater reality, shoot into a fear, resistance and confusion, but remain stuck in their 4D research, fixated on knowledge acquisition because that gives their mind a sense of control, while not investing or not investing enough in the inner transformation to address their fears and move on to the fifth dimension, while around them the social system collapses.


 4) Or they taste of this greater reality, perhaps experiencing some fear, resistance and confusion at first, but do not linger in it, start investing in their inner transformation, and thus move through the sub-dimensions of the fourth dimension, until they inwardly enter the fifth dimension. While all around them the social system is collapsing, but they can look at it from a larger, more fearless, detached perspective, and feel confidence in their hearts that it will be okay no matter what.


Your Soul, your Higher Self and your guides invite you to enter into this exploration, and to choose scenario 4


It does require courage and determination on your part, and a willingness to move beyond your beliefs and free yourself from societal expectations in order to fall into line.


When you succeed in following scenario 4, you will find yourself in the eye of the storm, where your inner reality of peace and tranquility dominates your state of mind, and you will no longer be tempted to focus on the chaos and frenzy of the outside world and the storm that rages there.


Truly every human being on Earth at this time faces the challenge of making an attempt at this movement, if they so choose.


One has been able to delay and postpone it for a long time in the past twenty years, but the speed at which the current collapse of the three-dimensional Earth is now taking place no longer allows for postponement.


 Societal truths about corruption are going to increase exponentially and the time is coming when not only will many small conspiracies become visible, but it will become apparent that all of human history has been one big conspiracy. That of a Matrix, which has kept humanity in ignorance.


What is essential to keep in mind when one is making this move is that the end result of ascension is positive no matter what. The drab, lower sub-dimensions of the fourth dimension are not a measure of the whole of reality.


Reality is Divine, infinite and wondrous, filled with love, abundance and beauty and 95% of planetary civilizations in the universe are paradisiacal


One only has to take that 4D corridor first, leave the 3D/4D illusion behind, and open the heart. You may experience feelings of despair for a moment as you are moving through the 4D shadow layers, but know that this is finite as long as you persevere, and the Light is waiting for you.


 Know that all of this is ultimately a journey of discovery in which you learn that reality and yourself are Divine in nature, that you have an immortal soul, and that death is an illusion and merely a transition to new experiences. And in which you learn that at a soul level you yourself have chosen this experience of Earth, one of the most difficult schools of learning in the universe.


The choice is yours.


The sooner you voluntarily make the movement through 4D, the smoother and calmer the circumstances will be for you later when the social system further collapses


The sooner you have entered into the fears within yourself, the more you will be able to make choices at a later stage from peace and freedom to create a positive reality for yourself.


Turn inward, meditate, learn to listen to your soul. Get busy with the healing of your heart, and the transformation of your consciousness and energy field. Don't get stuck in knowledge-gathering negative 4D information, and disregard the perceptions of doomsday pessimists.


Know that the Light has already won on a collective level and that the Matrix is crumbling, but that you still have a personal, inner path to take.


Follow people via Youtube and blogs and such, who have already made the movement and are sharing their experiences in an optimistic way, giving you an impression of all the Light and the multidimensional adventure that awaits you when you have gone through scenario 4. You will not regret it.


Maxim Lazet  




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