Arcturian message June 2024 - 3

Marilyn Raffaele channels The Arcturian Group | June 30, 2024

Welcome to our message which is presented in love with the intention of assisting all who are receptive toward a higher level of spiritual awareness. The energetically powerful times of today offer opportunities for spiritual growth that have never before been available because the increasing presence of high frequency energy is forcing long buried densities of the past to surface and clear personally and globally. 



If life has become difficult in one or more ways, remember that you chose to be on earth at this time because you recognized that earth's energetically powerful ascension process would be perfect for spiritual growth. 1.-You wanted to serve earth's ascension with your own Light. 2.-There would be many other evolved souls from which to further learn and evolve. 3.-The high resonating frequencies of Light flowing from many sources would allow you to more easily clear and move beyond any remaining false beliefs and obsolete commitments from the past.  


It is very difficult to see the bigger picture when surrounded by a three dimensional belief system that seems to be forever presenting physical, emotional, mental, or even spiritual struggles. Go within often, not just in times of turmoil. Rest often in the reality of your very own Being, silently listening for the still small voice that is always present even when seemingly silent because it is YOU. 


The still small voice will occasionally speak loudly, but more often than not is heard as intuition, guidance, or a teacher silently revealing to you the fullness of some spiritual truth you may have long sought to understand. Rest in silent receptivity, not resisting or engaging the thoughts that may drift through and without concepts of what the experience should or must be because it often seems as if nothing happens. Your intention to align with SELF assures that something always happens on a deeper level whether it seems that way or not.  


Friends, foods, entertainments, or anything resonating with energies you have evolved beyond will gradually slip away often without you even noticing simply because you are no longer energetically in alignment with them. Allow this process to unfold without resistance or attempts to bring the people, places, or things of an earlier time back to what once was. In order for anything to flow harmoniously, there must be energetic alignment be it a relationship, job, or belief system. 


It can be difficult, but learn not to look to another person for love, acceptance, forgiveness, support, etc. even when that person is the one it would naturally be expected to come from. In and of themselves human beings do not possess these qualities because they are God qualities flowing through individuals but never from them. Look only to God for these things and you will find that they will flow to you and often from where least expected.  


God alone is power. The belief in two powers is one of the three foundational cornerstones of the third dimensional belief system--duality, separation, and the belief in two powers. Believing in two powers conditions the mind (the interpreter of consciousness) and consciousness itself (the substance) to believe that every person is helpless and at the mercy of people, places, and things that the three dimensional collective consciousness has bestowed with power. 


Giving power to anything other than God--disease, money, food, people, countries, government, experts, religious rites and rituals, etc. etc. is idolatry . There is only one power and that power is the Divine consciousness that is and always has been infinitely present in and as everything. Nothing else exists.  


It doesn't mean that you suddenly become blind to the faults and maneuvering tactics of the third dimensional consciousness nor does it mean throwing away your medicines and closing hospitals and jails while shouting "God is all" and doing nothing about the circumstances of your life which would be pretending a state of consciousness not yet attained. We are saying that all serious seekers of truth must at some point cease endowing people, places, and things with power over them for good or evil. 


God alone is power. Begin to acknowledge this in every situation claiming to have power in spite of appearances to the contrary. Do what you feel you need to do, but while doing it remember that because there is only ONE power, that which is considered to be a power in the material world has no real or permanent Divine Law to support it but is rather the manifestation of the false three dimensional collective beliefs about it.  


There are some religions and individuals that believe that having fun, laughing, dancing is a sin and must be avoided at all costs or suffer punishment. They live lives of fear in their belief of a judging condemning god who will punish them if they don't abide by a variety of strict and joyless man made rules about spirituality.


Earth is not meant to be a joyless constant struggle. Enjoy the good things of your life. Harmony, peace, joy, love, and abundance on all levels are God ordained and sustained spiritual qualities fully present within every person. Let them flow. Love, enjoy, be grateful for friends, family, nature, your pet, a new baby, a helpful doctor, dentist, or lawyer but without personally endowing these things with power of their own in the realization that they are God expressing ITself through them. 


Moving beyond the belief in two powers is an important part of everyone's evolutionary process and you are ready. The world is filled with people, ideas, and things that claim to have power for good and for evil which in reality are simply the two ends of the belief in duality stick. Many benefit from a majority belief in two powers. Advertising, politics, evangelists, media, education, health, law, all these and more benefit from a world that continues to believe that it is helpless and at the mercy of an infinite number of things.  


God always has been and always will be only power and that power is within you/YOU who are God individualized. 


Believe it.


We are the Arcturian Group

© Marilyn Raffaele