The origin of toxic masculinity



Toxic masculinity arises when masculinity is forced into boxes and roles that kill the boy and force a man to enslave himself: by serving the nation, the family, the community, he is forced to deny his individual freedom, and sadly, his ability to express his unique soul’s gifts in this world.


Your highest contribution to this world


Jeshua will explain how expressing ourselves from the heart, doing what feels natural and fulfilling to us at the personal level, always aligns with our aim to contribute something good and powerful to this world.


The Atlantean roots of lightworkers


Lightworkers gave birth to the civilisation of Atlantis, which was marked by highly developed technologies based on third eye (psychic) powers rather than materialist science. Jeshua will speak about how we are still influenced by our Atlantean roots today.


Keys to healthy grounding


Mother Earth will share information about: the relation between lack of grounding and mental imbalance, how to bring healing to the lower chakra’s and how to generate a flow of joy and abundance in our everyday life.


The shadow side of the feminine energy


In The Forbidden Female Speaks, Mary Magdalene talks about the deep collective wound inside the feminine energy. This time, Mary Magdalene will address the shadow side of the feminine energy, which arises when the wound is not consciously addressed.


Misdirected angel energy in lightworkers


They feel it is their mission to help suffering go away, and in their mission to fight injustice, pain and suffering in this world, they often lose touch with themselves and their own needs.  There is often a lack of balance between giving and receiving and many lightworkers suffer from chronic exhaustion or tiredness, which may result in physical imbalances or illness.


The call for change


Right now, humanity is experimenting with the extremes of consciousness. 

Gaia speaks about worldwide disasters now taking place. She will address the situation humanity is in, what caused it, what choices can be made and what the role of lightworkers is at this time.


Where are my soulmates?


Jeshua will talk about why we meet the people who are in our lives, starting with our birth family. What is the purpose of (intimate) relationships, and how soul mate relationships are not just a “rose garden”. Whether there is a soul plan which determines who we meet or don’t meet and more.


The next step


In The Jeshua Channelings, Jeshua told us that we are finishing a cycle of lifetimes in this life. At the same time, a planetary cycle is ending, as Earth is evolving toward a different vibration as well. Where are we now and what do we need to focus on in this time of transition? Jeshua will address this question, and invite us to connect with our souls and to remember our original intention for this life.


Embracing your feminine energy


Jeshua is going to talk about what happened to the balance of masculine and feminine energy on Earth and how deeply important it is that both men and women (re)connect with their feminine energy.


A time for celebration


I would like to tell you that this is a time for celebration. I know that many of you still have doubts and fears about choices you have to make in your life. But Christ consciousness is awakening in all your hearts like a flame. It is still very tender and not yet stable, but it is there; it is awakening