Heart-based land


You are transcending this level into a level of freedom which you can also call the level of the heart. But now you have to choose: either you are completely swallowed up by fear, survival instinct, also fear of other people’s sorrow and pain and you can get overwhelmed by it. Or you choose to ground yourself, centre yourself in your heart-based awareness that has already awakened inside you.


Playing with the masculine and feminine energies


I deeply respect the courage it took to take humans shape and to live a human life. In which you often feel disconnected from the source. You are now living in either a male or female body. You are not as stuck inside of them as you sometimes think you are. Things are much more flexible than your tradition and society wants you to believe.


Connecting with your soul


Often feel like you are locked up inside your bodies and inside your heads. And whenever you feel locked up, imprisoned, there’s fear running through your body and your energy-system. ecause your soul cannot thrive, cannot flourish when it feels locked up. You want to change consciousness on Earth and I am asking you now to connect with your souls energy.


The current crisis


As in every crisis you are invited or challenged to choose. To choose for fear and struggle, or to choose love, to choose the way of the heart. To choose for love, to choose the way of the heart is to accept all this, to embrace what is happening now, and to trust that there is a deeper flow, a deeper intelligence at work which cannot be grasped by your human mind.