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Cosmic Connections - 2
When you get to the other side of the veil, one of the first things you will hear is the love song from God that you might say plays continuously all the time in this universe. It’s a reminder of your magnificence of who you are, of the love that is so strong that it’s everywhere all the time.

Cosmic Connections - 1
Is intuition from God? All the channelings this month, we’re going to be talking about cosmic connections. This particular subject is being expanded. This is a complex answer, Dear Ones.

Mysteries Within the Human Body - Part IV
Where do souls go when they die? Hard to go anywhere if you never leave, isn't it?

Mysteries Within the Human Body - Part III
Your history is filled with stories that make the E.T's and those from the stars your enemies, your conquerors. What if it were the absolute reverse? What if the lowest energy of all is here on this planet? And the highest energy is what you’re looking out and seeing in the stars? What if indeed that the star stuff out there is the star stuff inside you?

Mysteries Within the Human Body - Part II
Dear ones, this mystery could go as follows: Is it possible that there is a connection to the Earth within you? A connection so profound that the Earth knows your name?

Mysteries Within the Human Body - Part I
How is it possible for a human being to go into a hospital to have a diagnosis of cancer, come back and suddenly have it gone, missing? They have a name for that.

Odd Things Happening - Part IV
Are human beings evolving in consciousness? That is the evolution we have spoken of for 35 years. I have a new tool for you. It is part of your evolution.

Odd Things Happening - Part III
Do you feel a message is in you that you’re not receiving yet or that you’re supposed to give? Is it something your intuition is starting to tell you that you’ve got going for you? Many of you are.

Odd Things Happening - Part II
Is it possible that your deceased relatives are still here?

Odd Things Happening - Part I
Are any of you feeling strange lately? :-)

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