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You have not lived for yourself ♥ Rani Savitri ♥ Lightraisers Worldwide
You have always NEEDED someone else as a REASON to live. That reason can disappear at any moment. As soon as you make something other than your OWN being a REASON to live, you insult yourself. You humiliate yourself. And this kind of humiliation is sustained. You have degraded your life. You have lost your dignity, your self-respect. The void that lives in each of us can never be filled by another. Filling that void with others is a pathological, selfish thing to do.

Lightworkers and loneliness ♥ Gerrit Gielen ♥ Lightraisers
Loneliness is a common problem in this world; many people suffer from it. But what makes loneliness in lightworkers so special? In this article, I’ll try to explain that. Loneliness in general Roughly speaking, there are three phases in human development: First, there is the phase of group consciousness. In this phase, people feel deeply connected to the tribe or the community in which they live. There is no loneliness – the connection with other members of the group is always deeply felt....

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