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From hypersensitivity to high sensitivity
So what can you do to start shining again, to transform your hypersensitivity into high sensitivity?

Odd Things Happening - Part IV
Are human beings evolving in consciousness? That is the evolution we have spoken of for 35 years. I have a new tool for you. It is part of your evolution.

The Destiny of Mastery - Part III
Is there really a battle of darkness and light going on on this planet? And the answer is yes, more than ever before. This battle is that of human consciousness beginning to receive mastery. You turn on the light and all the dirt becomes visible.

The Destiny of Mastery - Part II
Mastery does not react. Mastery observes. It's not quite what you would expect from human nature, is it? Something is happening to humanity right now, and it has to do with the information I gave last month.

The Destiny of Mastery - Part I
This month's Destiny of Mastery Series is about the four attributes of mastery. The destiny of mastery on this planet is that it is destined to arrive for humanity.