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The teacher energy ♥ Pamela Kribbe ♥ Lightraisers Worldwide
There is such a need for you, you are making a difference. You have entered upon an inner path that helps to transform the consciousness on Earth, and that is needed at this time. There is a need for those who prepare the way, pioneers who are necessary to tread new paths of consciousness...

The spirit of freedom ♥ Pamela Kribbe ♥ Lightraisers Worldwide

The way of the lightworker ♥ Pamela Kribbe ♥ Lightraisers Worldwide
You are not healing anyone as a lightworker. To understand what light work or spiritual healing is truly about, you need to let go of the traditional image of “therapist helping client” or “doctor curing patient”. You need to let go of the very idea that helping is about giving something to someone else. The very notion that the other person is lacking something is detrimental to their healing process. The truth is that the only way to help someone is to make them aware of their own power...

BECOME AWARE OF YOUR LONELINESS ♥ Pamela Kribbe ♥ Lightraisers Worldwide
Also, those in power try to acquire even more power. And you can do this for a very long time, but in the end, no one can live without genuine love and connection. The world is still in the grip and thirst for power, which causes immense suffering, pain, and grief. Unfortunately, the way back is not easy to find.

The energy of unconditional love ♥ Pamela Kribbe ♥ Lightraisers Worldwide

YOUR SOUL’S PLAN ♥  Pamela Kribbe ♥ Lightraisers Worldwide
I come here with the deepest possible respect for you all, because the step you have taken from a heavenly atmosphere of love and goodness into this earthly sphere, where so much fear and negativity is active, is infinitely courageous. I want you to be able to see and to experience your own courage, to see it through my eyes. I see your light, your soul’s light. I now connect with your heart, with who you are. Feel me, we are equals.

Feel carried by the wind of life ♥ Pamela Kribbe ♥ Lightraisers Worldwide

The Atlantis heritage ♥ Pamela Kribbe ♥ Lightraisers Worldwide

The love of the Earth ♥ Pamela Kribbe ♥ Lightraisers Worldwide

Male and Female Energy ♥ Pamela Kribbe ♥ Lightraisers

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