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YOUR SOUL’S PLAN ♥  Pamela Kribbe ♥ Lightraisers Worldwide
I come here with the deepest possible respect for you all, because the step you have taken from a heavenly atmosphere of love and goodness into this earthly sphere, where so much fear and negativity is active, is infinitely courageous. I want you to be able to see and to experience your own courage, to see it through my eyes. I see your light, your soul’s light. I now connect with your heart, with who you are. Feel me, we are equals.

Passion is the GPS of the soul ♥ Robert Bridgeman ♥ Lightraisers Worldwide
Imagine if you were living your soul mission. That you would do what you were born on this planet to do. Life magically unfolds and you feel good, great, wonderful! You get to contribute to humanity and the world in your way and it gives you deep satisfaction. Only... How do you know what your soul mission is? No one to tell you, no book in which to find it... So what about it? There must be a way to discover your mission, right?

Connect with your Divine Feminine Power ♥ Tamara Beekmans ♥ Lightraisers Worldwide
Many of us are clearing, both literally and figuratively. On a deeper level, healing processes are underway. If you are healing yourself, be patient and loving and let your heart and gut show you the way.

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