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A reflection on the male energy ♥ Gerrit Gielen ♥ Lightraisers Worldwide
Dictators, rulers, bosses, generals - they all want men who are obedient, who follow blindly, not men who have attuned to their inner boy. That is why the little boy in the man is unwelcome. The boy quickly gets told that he should not be a dreamer. He must be prepared for a life in society, a life of responsibility, take a nine to five office job. The fire should only be lived in a passive way.

The energy of the new Earth ♥ Gerrit Gielen ♥ Lightraisers
“What makes this time (1950 – 2070 approximately) special is that there are two different cycles of consciousness coming to an end: a personal cycle (or a set of personal cycles) and a planetary cycle. The completion of these cycles coincides, so that one reinforces the other.” From “The Jeshua Channelings” by Pamela Kribbe

Soul and personality ♥ Gerrit Gielen ♥ Lightraisers
Concepts like “soul”, “ego”, “personality”, “the inner child”, and “consciousness” are often used in esoteric writings. They all are an important part of what constitutes our humanity. But how do they relate to each other, and what do they mean for us in our everyday life? Traditional psychology offers a variety of models of the human personality. What’s usually missing is the spiritual perspective. In my view, at the core of the spiritual perspective is the idea that we...

Thinking from love ♥ Gerrit Gielen ♥ Lightraisers
Everything in nature is subject to a rhythm. Think of the seasons, for example, or the alternation of day and night. This rhythm is part of nature and we experience it as self evident. The natural unfolding of life is only possible thanks to rhythms. Without night, our Earth would heat up into a boiling, lifeless desert, and without day, she would freeze. Both are necessary for th e evolution and growth of life. Less self-evident is that we find that our inner life is also subject to a rhythm....

Being grounded ♥ Gerrit Gielen ♥ Lightraisers
Many people who live in this day and age are what is being called “badly grounded.” That means we are not fully present in our bodies: we are somewhere else with part of our minds, with our thoughts. Sometimes this happens consciously and we then realize that part of our mind is always elsewhere. Sometimes, however, it is unconscious: we do not realize that we are much more than the earthly personality with which we identify. We are part of “society”, but have lost contact with our...

The inner love flow ♥ Gerrit Gielen ♥ Lightraisers
Preface We seem to be always looking for love, and we especially want and expect it from our fellow human beings: as a child, from our parents, and later in life, from our partner. The latter, in particular, often turns out to be a disappointment, which in many cases leads to bitter reproaches. Divorces are often accompanied by tremendous hatred and resentment; people feel betrayed. The partner did not give us the love we thought we were entitled to, and now, apparently, we are without love....

The power of gratitude ♥ Gerrit Gielen ♥ Lightraisers
The ability to be grateful is a characteristic of happy people. People who lack this ability will often focus on things which aren’t going well. If they do not find it in the present, they will find something in the past that they are angry at, or something that might go wrong in the future. A human being is an anxious and worrisome being and the current crisis is certainly not reassuring. All kinds of certainties seem to be falling away. In this article I will talk about gratitude as a force...

Lightworkers and loneliness ♥ Gerrit Gielen ♥ Lightraisers
Loneliness is a common problem in this world; many people suffer from it. But what makes loneliness in lightworkers so special? In this article, I’ll try to explain that. Loneliness in general Roughly speaking, there are three phases in human development: First, there is the phase of group consciousness. In this phase, people feel deeply connected to the tribe or the community in which they live. There is no loneliness – the connection with other members of the group is always deeply felt....

Saying goodbye: a path from mourning to love  ♥ Gerrit Gielen ♥ Lightraisers
Death is not just a saying goodbye, and more than just grief. Through death you also become more aware of the love for another and the love of the other for you. Love never dies, love is eternal.

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