Marilyn Raffaele

Arcturian channeling 3 July 2022 ♥ Marilyn Raffaele ♥ Lightraisers Worldwide
Everyone must clear old but still active energy accumulated over having lived hundreds of lifetimes before they can fully align with the higher frequencies. As increasingly more spiritual Light energy pours to earth as part of the ascension process, ancient dense energies that have long lain dormant in earth herself are surfacing.

As more and more hearts open up.... ♥ Marilyn Raffaele ♥ Lightraisers Worldwide
People are becoming weary of perpetual wars and violence, no longer seeing these things as necessary for peace. Increasing numbers are starting to see with new and more evolved eyes, realizing how war and violence against fellow human beings represents only separation and "power over" rather than bravery and greatness as is touted by those who strive to perpetuate it. As increasingly more hearts open to a sense of Oneness, the stupidity of killing a fellow human being...

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