Change – Part II


Lee Carroll channels Kryon

Healing WednesdayFebruary 2024

Do you think it’s possible for a zebra to change its stripes? Do you think it’s possible for a human being to become someone else?


Greetings, Dear Ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.


These are the questions. Now there is a lot of debate about what I have just said. Now the zebra, well that part, that is a metaphor for what we are actually going to speak of. If I asked you, who are you? And I asked you to actually write down all the aspects of who you were and then I said to you after you’ve written them all: Can you change it? Most of you would say: No. You are who you are, what you believe. Not just what you believe, but how you act, the culture that you were born in, what your parents taught you, what your school’s taught you. Everything that I just mentioned is truly you.


Now I bring this up because of what’s happening on the planet. We have given some startling predictions, not about inventions coming or doomsday. The predictions are amazing because they talk about a changing humanity. A humanity that changes so much that if I could take you to the future, you would say, “Oh my, the zebra has changed its stripes.” That is how profoundly different consciousness will appear.


Now, how fast this happens is up to you. But, Dear Ones, we have said this before. You know the reality of shift and change. You know that sometimes generations are necessary for a true change in attitude. One of the absolutely greatest, I would say, stoppers if you want to say it – what is a stopper of consciousness evolution? What is the wall that you’d have to climb over? And what it is is how you view history.


And we have said this before: That if you teach the history that your parents taught and their grandparents taught of who did what to whom, who you’re supposed to like and not like, and the biases that you all carry, that is the history that is taught. What if you could break that particular, I would say, not a bind that is there, but a paradigm. That paradigm, and I call it a bind, is almost like ropes around you that restrict what you say and who you are, because this is what you were taught.


What if those ropes would come away and there would be no binding at all and you changed what you taught to your children? Would that change what comes next? And the answer is yes. But can you do that with who you are, because who you are is built for the biases of history? We’ve talked about history repeating itself and we’ve told you that it’s not going to anymore.


And so what we’re asking is this: Can you, human being, change? Can consciousness change in groups of humans so that there is no more barrier to get over in order to teach your children something completely different than you were taught? Is that possible?


So now we come into the examination of who you are. I’m going to make a statement and it’s going to be surprising to you, perhaps even controversial to you. You had nothing to do with who you are. And you’ll say, “Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I believe the things I believe because of who I am. I am fully cognizant of what I believe and all the choices that I make and the various things that I would side with in my political stance, in the things that I eat. I believe those things.” Yes, you do. But let’s talk about how you got there.


What if all of those things that you now believe and cognize fully as you were programmed, so that you would believe them? Is that possible? Here is what I am going to tell you that science says about you. That about ten percent of your thinking is currently you and that 90 percent of you is subconscious thinking. The subconscious is everything you’ve experienced in life, everything you’ve been told, everything that is that you thought you are. Well, it was given to you a long time ago repeatedly over and over and over.


As a child, you saw what grownups did and you did it. As a child even growing up, you saw what your parents believed and you either went with it or you rejected it. But either way, that is what is implanted into your subconscious that became you slowly. Wow! Have you ever thought of that? How much of you right now is you?


Now let’s go beyond that which you may believe. Let’s go to the issues. Are you a peaceful person? Are you naturally peaceful? Are you perhaps angry sometimes? Are you overly angry? Now we’re getting into attributes that are you that are like the stripes of the zebra? And you might say, “I am this way. I get up in the morning and I do this and I do that, or I have to do this and that to get through the day.” What if the majority of everything that you would say comes from your subconscious? That which you were taught is the way to do it. And that is the other thing.


How many of you were taught there is a certain way and that’s the only way and that’s the way you do it because it’s the only way? How much of that is really you, Dear Ones, or how much of it was given to you over so much time that it became you?


If you could start over, would you be an angry person? Would you be one that didn’t have the peace that we talk about? Would you be a kind, loving person? And there are many who would say, “That’s what I would like to do and I’m having trouble being some of those things.” Let me ask you: Do you awaken as a joyful human being, or do you have to kind of trick yourself to get there? Are there things about you that you don’t like? That’s a big question. But here’s the biggest one of all: Do you deserve to be here? Do you deserve abundance? Do you deserve to be loved? What has the vast subconscious told you about that?


Did you grow up in a culture where you learned about the Creative Source, the love of God, that would also torture you and tell you you don’t belong here, you don’t even deserve to be here, you were born dirty and so there therefore you have to do certain things in order to be saved because of that? Is that you who decided that or is it the subconscious of you who decided that through years and years and years of repetition that you believe that? Were you told that so often that today it’s automatic thought for you? That is not you. That is the subconscious you.


So we brought all this to the front to say that in order for the human being to go over that wall, to take the bindings off of what they think is history and what they’re going to teach their children, all of that subconscious you has to change. Is it possible? And this is what this channel is about. Is it possible for a human to rewrite subconscious?


Let me give you some information right now that’s happening today, not necessarily even spiritually. There’s a rising movement of self-help workers who are doing exactly that. They are inviting you to rewrite and reframe everything you’ve been taught and to examine it. One of the hardest parts of this, Dear Ones, I’m going to give you right now.


There have been many, so many who have added into who you are, who have told you about what to believe because they believed it, and you love them. And if you decide to reexamine beliefs or reexamine who you are or whether you deserve to be here or reexamine what you were told perhaps in church, it’s almost a betrayal of those who told it to you who you still admire, respect and love. That’s the big wall. That’s the biggest wall of emotion for you to get over because you don’t want to think they’re wrong.


What if they weren’t wrong? What if they were doing the best they could and believed it themselves to make your life better? What if they told you what they firmly believed you had to do? Maybe that’s changed.

Dear Ones, I invite you to begin to understand that you have the power to rewrite your own subconscious. If you do that, you’re then in a position to examine how you then teach who you’ve become to your children. And you’re going to start asking this question: “Do I teach my children what I was taught: These are the people you don’t want to associate with. These are the ones that you’re supposed to not like. These are the ones that are your enemies. These are the ones next door who have always been your enemies and always will, so you’re not supposed to like them.”


That’s an old biased history that will then project that on to children and they will project it to their children and then the earth has no chance. That will change. Can you see how it might change with a consciousness that is kinder and more compassionate and looks and says, “Cultures are different. Everyone belongs here and now it’s time to learn about them and find out how not to have war.” That’s the future. That to some will be impossible. And they’re right. It won’t happen in their lifetime. It’s too hard for them. How about you?


Dear One, I am talking mostly to those who are wakening to a larger truth and asking the very questions about the things I’m giving you now. Are you “you” or can you change? How would you like to be a peaceful you, your name goes here? How would you like to be one who when you open your eyes the first thing in the morning, called waking up, and you feel peace and joy? Even if you’re going to have a bad day and you think that, “I might have a bad day,“ or your hair looks bad (Kyron laughter), it won’t matter because you wake up and you know you deserve to be here and you’re loved by the Creator. And then you can start adjusting your day.


There are those who wake up and say, “This is awful. I’m going to have a bad day today,” and then they do. And then they go home and they say, “I had a bad day today.” And then everybody then talks about how bad their day was. And then the next day they wake up and say, “Well, it probably will happen again,” and then it does. That is, of course, you projecting all the things that are you on your life. What if it was the opposite?


Affirmations work and that is what we have taught over and over and over that the affirmations that you start giving yourself rewrites your subconscious. That’s how to do it. It won’t happen quickly. Affirmations are the key or the beginning of changing your stripes. Affirmations are the beginning of you becoming that different person and rewriting all that subconscious that will even change what you tell your kids, because you have a clearer head about who humans are on this planet and what all the humans necessarily don’t agree on, but they’re worthy to be here, all of them. And then they’re worthy to want things for their cultures without taking it from someone else. Then they start thinking: How can we put this together in a different way and still keep our cultural differences?


That is humanity changing its stripes. Can you do it? You already are doing it. And we’ve given you the information so many times. What was the reaction to the latest wars? Did everybody join or did they back out and say, “Let’s stop this and never have it happen again”? You are already changing your stripes. That is why I am in love with you, dear human. 

I am Kryon

And so it is.

© Lee Carroll