The soul's journey towards conscious creation

By Pamela Kribbe and Gerrit Gielen



It is often said that "you create your own reality", but the essential question is which part of you creates or attracts what happens to you. 


Jeshua distinguishes between three levels of creation or causation:


1. The material or physical level


❥ 2. The psychological or karmic level 


❥ 3. The conscious level 

1. The material level is the most superficial level: here, the laws of physics and biology apply, and there doesn't seem to be any conscious choice. According to science, the outside world (including our brains) is governed by purely mechanical laws: who we are on the inside is simply the result of our brain chemistry, genetic make-up and a bunch of natural laws.


This science based worldview eliminates the soul from reality, not just theoretically but also practically. Leaving out the soul leads to a "world without soul" and this is exactly what we are witnessing on a global scale.


Jeshua states that the physical level has its own laws but is not self sufficient. The real causes of everything transpiring in the material world are beyond the physical level.


2. From the perspective of the soul, what happens on the material level is the result of a more fundamental level of creation, not mechanical but spiritual in nature.


On this spiritual level, there are psychological and energetic laws which keep the soul progressing and evolving according to the laws of attraction and karma. These laws are mostly based on unconscious or semi conscious belief, fears and desires.


3. Although the second level of creation is a necessary part of the soul's evolution, the soul is ultimately meant to go beyond it and reach the level of conscious creation. On the level of conscious choice, the soul rises beyond unconscious emotions such as fear, desire and anger, which are basically emotions that rule the personality when it is disconnected from Source, from heart based awareness. When we arrive at the conscious level of creation, we are truly free, and only then can we be said to genuinely "create our own reality" 


The biggest issue that we are all facing is: how to release level 2 and move into level 3, i.e. how to go from unconscious attraction to conscious creation


There are three steps to it:


❥ release the illusion of "objective reality" (the idea that level 1 is all there is and you are just a victim of random circumstances)


 reach beyond the emotional level (level 2) : recognise the grip on you of strong emotions and beliefs, which keep you caught in self destructive behaviour and/or karmic entanglements


 reach for freedom and true liberation: accept challenges as vehicles for growth, release heavy attachments to emotions and thoughts, recognise the presence of beauty, love and wisdom 


In this series of channelings, Jeshua will discuss the three levels of creation and especially focus on how to move from unconscious to conscious creation.


The series consists of 6 parts:


❥ 1. The big picture: from unconscious causation to conscious creation.

Jeshua will outline the three levels of creation and help you understand where you are. (May 19, 2024)


❥ 2. Level 1 - The young soul's journey: entering duality and the cycle of incarnation.

Jeshua will explain the emotional roller coaster of unconscious creation, and discuss karmic relations and the cycle of offender & victim lives. (June 16, 2024)


❥ 3. Level 2 - The mature soul's journey: discovering the meaning of suffering.

Jeshua will clarify how the soul is attracted to what it wants to learn. It attracts circumstances that put its blind spots center stage. The soul attracts darkness (crises, challenges) to enable itself to shine light on it. 


The basic engine behind this creation process is still Emotion but as you mature and move into higher levels of evolution, the basic engine becomes Consciousness. (July 21, 2024)


❥ 4. Level 3 - The old soul's journey: the awakening of the soul as a conscious creator.


As you realize that you yourself attract what happens to you, you start to become aware of your blind spots, and as you do, your inner light grows. You increasingly attract life situations which reflect your higher awareness. You are still being challenged by life, but you meet your challenges with deeper awareness and grace, and the journey becomes lighter and more joyous. (August 18, 2024)


❥ 5. The role of lightworkers or spiritual teachers: challenges for the old soul who takes on the role of spiritual teacher.


As you slowly reach the stage of conscious creation, marked by a deeper sense of peace and clarity, there is a desire in the soul to share light and knowledge with others. 


In this channeling, Jeshua goes into the joys and challenges faced by souls who aspire to teach or heal. (September 15, 2024)


❥ 6. What happens after ascension?

When you reach the level of conscious creation, you are free to jump off the "wheel of karma" and evolve in new ways. Jeshua explains what happens after ascension and invites you to connect with the sense of freedom and true creativity that belongs to this level. (October 20, 2024)

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Pamela's channelings of Jeshua will be preceded by an introduction and meditation from Gerrit.