2024: The year of caring


Lee Carroll channels Kryon

New years message, January 2024

Greetings, Dear Ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

There are a number of things I would like to reveal to you and give you the idea that 2024 is upon you in a different way. 


There are those who will say, “Well, if you take a look at history, we are just going to continue what has been.” There will be some changes. There’s going to be some decisions and there’s going to be more solutions.


Things happen slowly. but watch for these slow things to be an improvement rather than staying the same. And that is the operative word. It’s not going to stay the same. Humans have a habit in a linear way and the habit is to stop things, complain about things, make a fuss and then it rests and comes back. You might have noticed that. Nothing really changes much. A fuss is made. Nothing really changes much. This year it will. And you’re going to see that. This is not a warning of bad things. This is more light that is coming.


Now I also want to reveal something to you and give that which you’ve expected, which I have done on Double Digit before. Give you an operative word that represents the year. But first, I‘d like to tell you about last year’s word.


We gave you a word that this would be the year - when we gave it, which was 2023 - this would be the year of recovery. As you walked through that year, you might have expected one thing and you got another. And there are those who said, “Obviously, Kryon has no idea what he’s doing. Nobody is recovering from anything. It’s gotten worse.”

Adironnda has mentioned in past channels that humans are very funny. They like lists. They love systems. They like to climb stairs and do things, because it means something and then move on to something else. Nothing is more linear than that. Humans love to have a list of words that mean something and then check them off after they’re done, instead of thinking perhaps all of the words might be together. Ah, that’s too confusing.


So what I have done is give you a word a year for you to think about. This year is going to represent this word. This year is going to represent that word. And in 2023, I did – recovery. Recently I have given a number of channels, in the last two months, and I have explained it to you. And if you have not heard it, here it is yet again.


You are in recovery. One more time, I will tell you, if you have a sick person in a coma, and they come out of the coma, you might say they have recovered from their sickness and they have come out of their coma. This is what I meant.


The coma has been a dark, oppressive, old energy that humanism has been in for eons, eons. Before even recorded history, you had an old energy consciousness, like a coma that you have been in. There was nothing bright about it. We have mentioned before over and over that your civilization simply falls back into what it did before. One generation becomes completely dysfunctional and millions die. And then there’s a pause where the next generation comes forth and does the same thing - dysfunction after dysfunction after dysfunction. Let me label that. Dysfunctional, (Kryon laughter) old energy that does not work.


Suddenly I have told you that you are awakening to another light, a bright light. A world in black and white is starting to see color. And we have used that as a metaphor and we’re saying it yet again. So recovery represents you coming out of, recovering from, the darker energy and moving to something you’re starting to see.


Channel after channel, we have also mentioned the proof of it. Look at this. Look at this. Did you ever think about this? Would you ever see this? Would your grandfather or mother have said this was possible? Today people caring about each in certain ways they never did before. Humanity passing laws against certain kinds of things that were simply done before and nobody thought about it. You oppress each other in so many different ways. There’s so much unfairness in so many different ways and everybody just turns their back and says, “Okay. We’ll just do it.” That’s different. That’s changing. That’s changed.


You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. You cannot return to a less aware state. You want to hear that again? You cannot return to a less aware state. Once things have been revealed, you cannot un-see them. So this generation you are in will not repeat the last one. And it will be one of the first times it’s ever happened in human history. Your next generation will have the same attribute. It will not repeat the mistakes you make this time. For the first time ever, you’re moving forward.


“So, Kryon, what is the word you wish to use this time?” Here is the word. Now, don’t make up your mind what it means. 2024 will be the year of caring - caring. So like the last year where you didn’t question it and you thought you knew what it meant, who is doing the caring: humans, Spirit, both? There is revelation in the word. It often takes months for you to understand who is caring for whom? What does it mean? But that’s the word.


Perhaps next year we will reveal what it meant, if you haven’t figured it out yet. But isn’t that a great word? Does it matter who’s caring? It’s the year perhaps humans start to care more about each other or perhaps they start to care more about the earth. Caring. Perhaps they start to care more about their neighbors than they ever have before. Dear Ones, there is so much in that. It’s a loaded word.


That is what is before you in this year. Expect solutions you didn’t expect before. Don’t expect more problems. Don’t expect a year of negative surprises. Whatever you do, take that word and start caring about each other more than you ever have before. You’ll see there is a difference coming for this planet. This is another year that creeps closer to the victory of light. We have told you that numbers of times.

And so it is.


© Lee Carroll