Become aware of your loneliness

Pamela Kribbe channels Jeshua


Dear friends, I am Jeshua.


I greet you all from an ocean of silence and love. This invisible ocean ensures that everything is connected throughout your world.


An invisible tapestry, a network of energy, connects everything with everything, and supports all.


The consciousness that you seek, and to which you belong, is not bound by time and space.

It is also not somewhere else, neither beyond nor above the Earth. It is much closer, yet at the same time you are always separated from it because you are drawn into the world of the senses, the physical world, the voices and sounds of the people and the society around you. And those voices you hear come not only through your ears, they come also from your inner space.


Those voices have filled that space, your consciousness, with content: thoughts and beliefs which are not free from fear.


Your consciousness is largely filled with input from outside you, and that input comes from the past and is based on fear.


There are all kinds of fear: anxiety about survival, fear of pain and violence, and also fear of rejection, separation, and loneliness.


So you see how, in the midst of an ocean of connection and love, you are stranded on a small island of fear and trapped in old beliefs, while not being aware of the underlying unity that supports you. Be aware that you are an island; be aware of your loneliness. In every person lives this pain of loneliness, of being alone and lost.


Let us now, very consciously, call up that loneliness and not run away from it.


Do not block it out, go straight to it. You might then notice that before your inner eye appears something, or someone, that represents this loneliness in you: the figure of a human or an animal, or an image from nature. Just look at what reflects your loneliness, that feeling of not being connected to the whole, the feeling of having to fumble your way through the murk. Let this loneliness become larger, and also the fear that comes with it.


The deepest fear in every human being is to be ultimately abandoned: the fear of being ostracized by the whole, rejected by the father-mother of the universe and thrown back upon yourself.


It makes you feel as if you are short of oxygen, as if you gasp for breath, spiritually. Your life breath seems lost to you if you are separated from this connection to the whole.


Why do I ask you to become aware of this loneliness?


Because it is something you need to do! If you remain oblivious to your own deepest pain, you go numb inside. You search outside yourself for ways to make that pain bearable instead of looking for the true connection, the one with the heart of the universe; that which you are part of, along with your soul, along with your soul mates.


Instead of that inner connection, you usually go for superficial, outer distractions.


To fill your inner emptiness, you look for success in the field of work, or you attempt to gain social respect, and so you give yourself away. And whether you do that through relationships, ambitions, dreams, or desires, the real problem, the wrenching problem, always remains in the background: the loss of connection with what is essential, with the Source.


I ask you to now let go of what seems to be solutions, and instead go to the depth of your own loneliness.


Realize that when you enter into this loneliness with your full attention and awareness, you are then no longer alone in the darkness – awareness brings light. If you are fully and sincerely present to your own loneliness, you become aware of two extended arms waiting to receive you. It is life itself that welcomes you and brings you back to your origin, to your Source.


Be fully aware, as you take this step, that you are not only seeing your own personal grief, you are also coming face to face with the common lot of humanity.


Lack of connection, separation, and loneliness are the deepest pain in all people.

You can read that pain in the faces and the eyes of those around you, and you do not even have to look very deep to see it.


However people may live their lives, there is always that lostness in them. This is the sorrow of a world that has become alienated from the most essential thing there is: the feeling of belonging, of being at home somewhere, of being connected in a meaningful way.


You who hear this are called upon to bring this connection back into the world, among people.


And you do this by looking directly at the darkness within yourself and receiving it with an open heart. By doing this, you become a gateway for others, a passage that helps them through their loneliness to their own light. Imagine now that angel wings have wrapped themselves around your shoulders. The connection to the One, the warmth of life and the Cosmos, is very close; it has never been far away.


Your society, however, has removed itself from this original energy, has become separated from this connection through movement toward the opposite, and a great amount of grasping for power has been the result of doing that. Power always leads to separation, to feelings of superiority where you conceive yourself being in a higher position than other people, and that creates a separation and an inner void within you.


If you feel above another, when you have power over another in one way or another, you break the connection with the other.


You are in conflict, in competition, which then becomes a striving to dominate and to avoid being dominated. In every case, it leads to a void that eventually becomes intolerable.


Also, those in power try to acquire even more power.


And you can do this for a very long time, but in the end, no one can live without genuine love and connection.


The world is still in the grip and thirst for power, which causes immense suffering, pain, and grief. Unfortunately, the way back is not easy to find. After all, when a society has been in the grip of power and powerlessness for a very long time, a true understanding of what love is, what connection really means, has all but disappeared: love without manipulation, connection without dependency and conflict.


What this world, and everyone in this world, needs most is the energy of pure love.


But this love is difficult for you to accept, because in the course of time you have lost your way as a result of your mode of thinking, willing, and acting, which has gone off in the wrong direction. That is why I ask you to have compassion for yourself and your own pain, and to understand that it is not just your personal pain with which you are dealing, but also a collective pain: the pain of humanity.


If you realize this, you better understand what is at stake: that what you do is important for the whole.


Do you dare look at your inner darkness with the light of your awareness?


If you do, you break through the pattern of the collective consciousness. You then go back to what was once original and naturally connected with, and supported by, the whole.


By going your own way, you not only create your own path, you create an energetic opening for the awareness of other people and you become a pioneer for them.


Take yourself seriously, you are a carrier of light and consciousness.


Feel angelic arms around you; feel the energy of Home, of the Source. If you are fully aware of this, you can more easily understand the world around you and see things in perspective. You see the world around you for what it is, and at the same time, you live from your soul and your heart. You will no longer go along with the energies of power and dependence, and you will let go of the struggle with the past.


You will then be free, and your freedom serves humanity.


Thank you so much for your attention.


© Pamela Kribbe