The energy of unconditional love

Pamela Kribbe channels mother Mary


Dear friends, I am mother Mary.


I am here to reassure you and to allow you to bathe in an energy of sweetness and gentleness.


There is a lot of love for you here, but it is hard for you to accept that because there is resistance in you against receiving love.



You are much too hard on yourself, because you are afraid to receive.


You have learned to do your best, to put pressure on yourself, to be critical of yourself, and to think you are only good if you are someone who works hard and produces.


You also do this when it comes to your inner life, your inner growth processes, and so you act as a tough taskmaster.

I want to bring the energy of unconditional love to you so that you are able to relax into being just as you are.


Everything in you is good; everything in you is allowed to live and show its true face.

Feel the energy of love that now envelops you as a soft blue light.


Relax from every effort and duty.


Relax in the light of who you truly are, your deepest “I”. You are good as you are.


You are like an angel whose wings are broken or partially paralyzed; you have stumbled and just about fallen to the ground


When you remain in such a position for long, you forget that you are an angel and that you can fly; that you are free from the laws of the Earth, the laws of matter, space, and time.

I ask you to now reconnect again with your own angel-self.

Go to your heart and become very open and tender on the inside.


Go with your attention to the center of your heart where there lives a heavenly energy that joins you directly with your angel-self.


Allow a ray of light, hope, and love to penetrate into your heart.


You so deserve it; you have worked so hard.


Let this light flow through your heart, your abdomen, pelvis, and legs.


Connect through your heart and your angel-self with the heavenly spheres which are not at all far away.


You know these spheres, because they are your home where you belong. You have come from them to bring their light onto Earth, and not only for yourself, but also for others.


But you can only do this joyfully if you believe in yourself: your own goodness, your own purity.


Imagine that an angel is standing behind you and envelops you with its light. Look at yourself to see if there is a place in your energy field where that light is especially needed, and bring your attention to that place.

Allow the light to flow there and trust it to do its job. Ground yourself well for a moment.


Feel your feet firmly on the ground so that what you experience as the light – the subtle, essential energy of your angel-self – is well grounded in you. Feel the firmness of your body and of the Earth.


The Earth is fully able to receive and conduct angel energy, because the Earth itself is also an angel


You sometimes perceive a contrast between the sensitive energy in your heart and the harsh reality of the world. In a sense, that is so, but the Earth itself is not harsh. The Earth itself is very subtle and natural, just like you. So trust the Earth and the rhythms and patterns of the Earth, and your body and its emotions and its guiding of energies.

❥ Feel at home here.


Feel how the highest energies in you can completely inhabit all your body’s cells in a joyful dance with the Earth.


You may think: “I’m too delicate, too fragile, too sensitive”, but it is a mistake to think that.


The power of your true self is immeasurably strong and great. Love is the greatest strength there is. And eventually, all shadows, all force, and the misuse of power fall away


Everything becomes flooded with love, because love always triumphs.

Therefore, do not be afraid to be your true self in this world. It is very necessary for the Earth, as well, that there are people who dare to do this. You need not do it for others, simply do it for yourself, although it certainly makes a difference for others.


Thank you for being here.


© Pamela Kribbe