The Forbidden Male Speaks


Dear reader,


With joy we announce the publication of a new book: The Forbidden Male Speaks.


This book contains channelings from Jeshua about masculinity: it distinguishes between ego based and heart based masculine energy, and points out how to move from one to the other, in both men and women. 


At the heart of the book is the notion that we are primarily souls, with both feminine and masculine energy at our disposal. Both energies are like the wings of a single bird: we need both to function, create and express ourselves.



There has been a lot of attention for the suppression and violation of the feminine energy (which Pamela/Mary Magdalene addressed in The Forbidden Female Speaks). However, there is also a wounded male, who has suffered from a very limiting definition of masculinity and has lost the connection with his heart, his feelings and intuition. 


It is highly important to recognise the male wound and heal it. The lack of heart based masculine energy is creating severe crises in today’s world, both individually and globally. 


The aim of this book is to recognize the pain inside the masculine energy, to help heal the male wound and thereby bring healing as well to the area of love and relationships.

Personal note from Pamela


My own reasons for writing this book are twofold. First, after publishing The Forbidden Female Speaks, I started to realize more and more that it is not only the feminine which has been violated and oppressed throughout history. We tend to see the feminine as the victim and the masculine as the offender. However, in various ways (explained in the book) men were victims as well, and the common thread is that both sexes became alienated from their soul because of rigid ideals and expectations. 


Moreover, the feminine has a shadow side as well and it’s healthy to recognize that both male and female energy can function at an ego based level that is harmful and destructive.


So, my first reason for writing this book was to explore the blind spot that our culture still has about the suffering of men and to understand more deeply what masculine energy really is.


My second reason was that I have been struggling for ages with integrating my own (heart based) masculine energy and I’ve witnessed many, many sensitive and spiritually inclined women facing the same challenge. My feminine energy has always been strongly present but it becomes imbalanced when I’m out of touch with a healthy, masculine sense of boundaries, groundedness and self awareness.


Being out of touch with one’s own masculine energy may result in too high sensitivity, fatigue, giving too much, inability to stand up for oneself, and feeling unable to truly express oneself or manifest one’s desires. I’m convinced that many women will be able to connect more profoundly with their soul once they embrace their own heart based masculine energy more deeply.


Entering the New Earth is not just about a rebirth of the feminine, it is just as much about a rebirth of the masculine. 


It is my heart’s desire that this new book will contribute something to this journey from the old to the new that we are all on. 

© Pamela Kribbe