Threads of the soul


Pamela Kribbe channels Mary Magdalene


Dear friends,


I am Mary Magdalene. I welcome all of you in this circle of like-minded people. You are living through a time of transition, one that is not limited to the world around you, but also takes place within you.


You are actively moving into your greater self.


That self is not tied to time and space, but is free, unlimited, and able to spread its wings and to gain insight, energy, and knowledge from the other dimensions in which you were once at home. The wealth of that heritage is now increasingly within your reach, because you are expanding inwardly, becoming more vast, more spacious. Your consciousness exceeds ever more boundaries.


This spaciousness happens through your inner work, by your willingness to follow the path of your soul, and also by your actively seeking the darkness within yourself.


As a result, your awareness is increasing and you are becoming more and more who you truly are.


You are creating the transition from an earthly personality – bound to time and space, and limited by the era and culture in which you live – to a soul-borne personality: a personality who is inspired from the level of the soul and who is freely in touch with many more dimensions than just this one. 


It is precisely because you are making this transition, and your soul is waking up in this body during the course of this life, that past lives surface in your consciousness, either through feelings – sometimes ambiguous feelings – or through images or memories.


And the reason is very simple: your past lives are still alive.


Those personalities that you have been, in all those times and in all those places, are not really dead: they are threads of your soul and are still alive in another dimension. The instrument that is your soul has many threads, and all the personalities that you once were each form one of those threads.


From the places where they are now located, they perceive a light in the distance and that light is you at this time.


Those past lives sense what is still unresolved in the self, what still hurts and was misunderstood in the times in which they lived. All that is unresolved now has the chance to be understood in and through you and to become clear, so old pain can be released.


When you deliberately make the transition to a greater self awareness is precisely when those parts of your soul, which have felt lost in previous lives, will find their way to you in your present life. And, sometimes, they will confront you with violent feelings and even blockages. Even though you cannot take them literally as yours, they do come back through time and space to knock on your door because they feel you have the ability to redeem them.


❥ In order to truly do this work, and to have authentic redemption take place, you must first become aware of the fact that you are your soul.


You must know that you are becoming that totality that includes all those lives seeking to become part of the vast tapestry that makes up your soul – you are an earthly personality and at the same time a soul.


This life has the potential of offering you the chance to integrate all kinds of old aspects of yourself.


And in all those aspects, in all those past lives, is something beautiful, something special: a unique talent, an energy, a radiance that has something extraordinary to add to you as a soul, and also to the world.


All those unique aspects desire to now come to fruition.


Some have been, as it were, nipped in the bud and aborted. The conditions were then not suitable, and sometimes it is even the case that you must experience the dynamics of the energies of dark and light on Earth before you can understand those aspects more fully.


Everything that becomes locked in a trauma inside you always seeks redemption and renewal, and so, for that reason, it is sometimes necessary that you suffer and feel broken, but that is never the goal.


It is now important for you to realize that you have the ability, the power within you, to free and to redeem your self.


You have the spaciousness within your heart and your soul to free those old knotted threads in your soul’s history so that the fruits and the talents of those threads are free at last.


And because you have now become so great, all that is possible in this lifetime.


But you have not yet fully realized this fact, so you can then get so overwhelmed by the pain, the blocked energy of the past, that you lose all courage.


You then do not believe in yourself and your abilities as the healer that you have now become.


You are ready for it.


Coming into your power means, first of all, that you see and recognize your own strength. Power is consciousness, and consciousness is the greatest strength there is.


Everything comes out of consciousness.


If this is confusing to you it is because in your earthly world, especially in this society, power is more often associated with doing and acting than with what is perceived as mere consciousness. That is a big mistake, because doing and acting, when not fed from actual consciousness, leads to chaos and imbalance.


This is something you can see clearly around you on Earth. There is so much chaos and imbalance because there are forces which are not guided by the knowledge of the soul and by love. There are often blind forces that are very explosive, but are essentially impotent. On the whole, they are not powerful at all.


The biggest force that exists is consciousness. And what do I mean by consciousness?


First of all, it means to be completely open and present.


A wide open consciousness embraces everything, does not divide things between “good” or “bad”, does not exclude.


A open consciousness is also very curious; it wants to explore everything and wants to always go inward to the core of things, and not to stay just on the exterior, but to go to the interior.


An open consciousness does not say “no” to heavy emotions and dark expressions. It wants to go inward and to understand why, because this consciousness is deeply aware of an all-embracing love.


The archetypal consciousness, which is the core consciousness of the life of God, is certain of this love and it seeks for the light behind everything and for what has a need for light.


It never divides things into “good” or “bad”; rather it makes a distinction between maturity and immaturity.


Behind the many manifestations of “evil” is a child in need and an expansive consciousness knows that.


You can work on yourself in this same way.


To approach your own pain, your own wounds from an open consciousness, is the most powerful thing you can do.


Because, when you are open to love of self by looking at your self with an open mind, transformation simultaneously happens at the places where it hurts. Everything is allowed, because an open awareness is all-embracing; it gives you a feeling of relaxation and of coming Home, and that is actually healing.


Healing is not making things “better”, or fixing some problems, or putting band-aids on a trauma.


It is being present in full, pure consciousness so you gradually begin to understand why things are happening the way they are.


That healing field of consciousness is where your soul emerges, where your soul is also growing. That is what is being born in all of you on Earth in this lifetime.


I invite you at this time to enter into this field of “conscious love” or “loving consciousness” inside you and to imagine that all your body cells are open to this energy, which is actually your soul.


It has the energy of Home, of your origin.


Just look for a color, or a particular feeling, and sense that a deep certainty lives in this field: the certainty that in the end everything is nothing but love.


Everything discovers its place, everything eventually comes Home. In its essence, this consciousness is free from all cares. It surely knows the depth of the pain and lostness that you can experience as a human being, but it also knows that all this will end, that all parts will return Home enriched by their journey through time and space.


Feel yourself now becoming very strong.


Concentrate on your inner being and feel an anchor in your abdomen or in your lower chakras. Allow that field of healing energy to descend all the way down to your root chakra.


Feel how happy the Earth is when you know your soul; the Earth wants to support that knowing.


Breathe from deep within your abdomen and feel how you are safe in this field of love, essentially untouchable. Whatever people do with or against you, this field remains, it is unassailable, it is eternal.


I would now like to encourage you to visit a dark place within yourself that is ready for deliverance.


Some things might be tucked too far away and are still not ready for redemption. But there are parts of yourself which are ready and, as it were, are sitting just on the edge with this very desire to be free, so that the original joy of life that remains stuck in that pain or that trauma can be freed. You need this part of yourself, which is ready for liberation, in order to become more happy and optimistic, so encourage it to step forward in your consciousness.


Imagine this part of yourself in the form of a figure, or an energy, or a color, a symbol – whatever comes to you. You can also feel it in a place in your body, but give it eyes, and imagine that those eyes express your tears, or your anger, frustration, and resistance.


Or maybe you see a very tenuous and ethereal something that still cannot express itself very well. Whatever it is, greet it at once and try to not change it; simply make it feel welcome. It is possible that this part of you has been in the dark for a very long time.


And now, perhaps, it first needs to get used to your attention. It probably has need of reassurance, because light can hurt in the beginning and may create a sense of fear or shame when you have lived for so long as a dark secret. That is why it is good to ask this part what you can do for it. Allow this part to speak; ask it:


“What do you need from me? What can I do for you?”


Notice how calm you remain.


No matter how much pain or discomfort radiates from this part of yourself, you are in a place of understanding and spaciousness. You also feel that you do not need to do something, that you only need to be present. Promise this part of you then that you are going to perform what it asks of you, whatever it desires; that you will meet its expectations as much as possible.


When you do this inner work, allow yourself to be guided by what that injured part in you needs and desires.


Think of it as a treasured game that you play with that aspect of yourself.


Which means you do not begin frantically trying to clean up yourself, you take your time for it. Your soul is in a dimension that is independent of earthly time and often has a better sense of timing than your human spirit, who wants to act now, wants to see immediate results in the outside world, because that is the way you have been raised – brainwashed, almost.


The dynamics and the rhythm of the emotional life do not work in a neat straight line.


The best vehicles for change are patience and understanding and compassion.


And when you can give them to yourself without any expectation, without worrying about results, then things happen without your trying to make them happen. Once again, that is the great power of pure consciousness, pure presence: it does what it does without pushing, pulling, or shoving.


If your lives on Earth, and by that I mean the lives of all people on this Earth, were more anchored in consciousness, this world would be a very different place. People would remain more attuned to their inner spaciousness and remain open and alert, and in this open, alert consciousness, new inspiration would bubble up without effort after a period of silence and stillness.


It would come from a pure heart, and you would come to the conclusion that:


“This is what I want to do, this is what makes me happy.”


Such a decision will always contribute to the well-being of all people and of the Earth.


However, because spaciousness is not utilized, and the power of consciousness is underestimated, people go way too fast and often act from fear and anxiety. The result is that you get actions which are chaotic, or even destructive, and that is not only very painful for people, but also for the Earth that suffers because of it.


Realize, as well, that this consciousness I described, when applied to your own life as a result of processing old traumas, does not affect just you.


When you take that backward, inward step, and you experience that force of consciousness in your own life, it then happens that the field of consciousness on Earth, the collective field, is also changed.


No matter how small and minimal your contribution seems to you in a population of billions of people, it still makes a great difference. New openings are created through the work you do, so it becomes easier for others to do that, too.


You set an example.


I would like to thank you for your presence and your dedication to this inner work. It means a lot to us, to yourself, and to the Earth.


Thank you so much.


© Pamela Kribbe