Terms, conditions and privacy

Lightraisers Worldwide respects the privacy of all users of her website and ensures that all personal information you provide is always treated confidentially. Lightraisers Worldwide will not sell your personal information to third parties, but will be able to make it available to third parties involved in  your request for help / participation.


 Lightraisers Worldwide uses the collected data to provide its fellow human beings with the following services:


Information about the use of our website and the feedback we receive from our visitors helps us to further develop and improve our site.


We use contact details of our fellow human beings to send information, such as newsletters and invitations to events. Of course this letter also contains a link where you can unsubscribe yourself in love.

 Your personal information is safe with Lightraisers Worldwide


We appreciate the trust you place in us and we will therefore handle your data with the utmost care. Your data will be protected and treated confidentially at all times.

Right to withdrawal

By making your contribution, you give your permission that you lose the right to cancel the agreement. It's not possible to exchange your downloads or access, because they will be in your possession immediately after your contribution.

Always keep your downloads in a careful place on your computer or smartphone

 The acces pages for the online events that already have taken place won't exist forever.

Therefore, after events have taken place, it’s not possible to return to the access page over and over again. That’s why it will be no longer possible to download the audio recordings after a while when the online events have taken place.


Because you have paid for this event, it is your right to listen to the audio recordings whenever you like. That is why we recommend to download and safe the audio recordings in a folder on your phone or computer.

Downloads for online events cannot be added to your account

When you have signed up for an online event, you will only receive an access for the event. You don’t receive the audio recordings in your account or inbox. This is because the product will not be immediately available. The audio recordings of our events will be recorded shortly in advance and are tailored to the participants who have already signed up or who have the intention to join. On the day of the event (between approximately 04:00 and 05.00 PM (CET+1) the audio recordings will appear on your acces page. At 08:00 PM (CET+1) we will start listening to the audio recordings together. The recordings can be downloaded as an mp3 file and / or listened to through the online music player.

Take responsibility for your downloads


The account is an useful extra, but this does not mean that you don’t have to take your own responsibility for the downloads you have received. Something can always go wrong because we are dealing with technology / computers / servers / etc.


Whatever will happen, it's always a good idea to download your purchased products and to keep your downloads in a folder on your computer or phone.


We cannot be held responsible for problems with the account or with the email.

But you can count on our help. We will always do what we can with all the tools that are within our reach :-)


Thank you for reading the terms and conditions

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