Communicating with your Body


Dear friends, dear children of Earth. I am the voice of the Earth, and I welcome you.


I would like you to acknowledge me as your mother, for I carry and support you, gently, as does a mother, yet in a way that is also powerful and strong. Feel the ground beneath you through your feet, which are sense organs that can feel the Earth’s energy. Feel the vibration of the Earth in this place, and allow it to penetrate into you in a pure and clean way. Feel the element of air and that of water from the sea so close by, the element of earth from the rocks under your feet, and the element of fire from the Sun overhead. Feel the great forces of nature that surround you and rest in them. You are welcome here on Earth – you belong here. Sometimes you forget that, but your body knows it belongs here; it moves with the rhythms and cycles of its earthly nature.



When you can experience the soul as a source of light that descends onto Earth and which, once here, learns to enjoy and take pleasure in earthly things, you can then see that the body is the guide of the soul. The body receives the soul and the soul imbues the body with consciousness, and although that consciousness is divine, it is not all-knowing. The idea of an all-knowing God has been taught to you through your religious traditions, but God is something else entirely: it is the Source of brilliant, life-loving energy. This divine energy flows from the Source as does water from a fountain, and although this energy is imbued with infinite power, it always finds new paths to travel. It does not know everything in advance, but discovers ever new adventures as it flows.


You are a drop in an infinite, brilliant stream of light; a drop which is now residing in an earthly body. And although that drop is full of light and wisdom, it is always a new adventure for the soul when it again inhabits a body, when it finds itself again incarnated and discovers new things to enrich itself. Look at yourself and see how your soul, how this drop of light from that eternal Source, merges with your body. See in what parts of your body the light is the clearest; where the body is most lively, relaxed, and flowing; where it flows with the rhythm of nature, of this planet. Feel those places in your body where everything is flowing well. There is where your soul and body are dancing together in harmony.


See how happy your soul is being here; it wants to enter into this adventure. It is not a punishment, or a duty, or a “should” – your soul wants to be here. This body of yours is the partner of your soul’s dreams. Your soul is grateful for this body, even though, from your human perspective, the experience can at times be very difficult. Therefore, let us look for places in your body where your soul-light flows less freely, where there might be a separation between the light of your soul and your body. Descend, with your complete awareness, to those places in your body where you experience tension or distress. Descend with an inquiring mind and look, very openly and honestly, at those places in your body.


Many of you desire to understand the language of your body, to understand what messages the body has for you, but you are accustomed to doing so through thinking. It is through thinking that you want to inspect and analyze everything, but the body does not work that way. It inhabits another level, which is the same level as nature outside you: the trees, the plants, the rocks, the animals, and they do not think, as do humans. There is certainly a living, feeling, perceiving consciousness in everything, but the thinking part is not there, which is why nature surrenders more easily to the flow of life.


Humans, however, have a choice, as there is also space within you for spontaneity and play, which is part of being human. But in many people, that space is filled from being very occupied with the mind. In that way, you do not really inhabit your body until the body knocks on your door through a pain, an ailment, or an illness. It wants to tell you something, but you cannot understand it with your mind. That is why I encourage you to descend into those places in your body where things do not flow well and to find another language to communicate with your body. That alone brings healing because you release the thoughts in your head and, through your body, connect with me, the Earth. I live in your body – I have my own wisdom, and follow laws and rhythms that you have forgotten.


Descend into me and allow me, the Earth, to reside in you. Descend into me and allow an animal to appear in that place where the energy is blocked, and observe what arises in you. What does this animal look like, and what does it tell you? It speaks in a very plain language, but it is not a language of words and thoughts. It wants your attention and it is here to help restore harmony in your energy field, you aura. It is a healing animal that can do its work only if you trust it and allow it to restore your balance. This animal embodies the wisdom of nature; take it in and absorb the energy this animal has to offer. Do it without words and be really open to the energy of this animal. Fill your whole body and aura with its energy.


Feel how this animal grounds and connects you with me, your mother, and all the elements of nature. Become this animal for a moment by becoming one with it. Feel what it takes to soothe the pain or ailment that you experience, and to resolve it. The animal carries an instinctive force in itself, which allows it to know what you need. Your thoughts can keep you from that knowledge, because they are full of judgments, commands, and prohibitions. But you are souls who have connected to an earthly body that contains elements of the plants, the animals, and the minerals. All levels of nature are represented in you, so feel your oneness with the Earth.


I ask that you connect with one of the four elements: earth, water, air, fire. All the elements are represented here; however, there is one that you currently need the most. Is it the power of fire, with its enthusiasm and passion, or the smooth, flowing, nature of water? Is it the strength and the grounding of earth, or the vastness and spaciousness of the sky, the element of air? Imagine for a moment how the four elements are represented by four figures and one of them comes forward spontaneously to give you something – connect with that element. Receive the healing power of that element with awe and wonder, so it can show you what is important for you at this time.


Finally, I ask that you be aware of the many guides you have here on Earth: your body that always speaks to you in its own language, and the consciousness in the animals, plants, minerals, and elements around you. They are all equally your guides, very tangible, very close. You are very welcome here, and when you temporarily lose that feeling of welcome, then fully descend into your entire body. Your body knows you are at home here, that you are not alone, and that you are always surrounded by resources and forces that support you.


I am Mother Earth, and I myself am a mixture of heavenly energies and physical forces – I am a soulful creature. And when I see you, who are also soulful creatures, connect with the Earth forces and radiate your light here and enjoy doing that, I am intensely happy. To surround you with the guides I offer to you is my joy, my passion. Therefore, receive my energy. You are my children, and nothing makes a mother happier than to see her children grow and flourish.


Thank you very much.


© Pamela Kribbe